Genshin Impact Nahida swing glitch sends players flying across Teyvat

Nahida Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

A new Genshin Impact Nahida glitch has transformed the Sumeru Archon into the fastest traveler in the game, enabling players to traverse Teyvat faster than ever before. 

The Genshin Impact 3.2 update is well underway and Travelers from around the world have been busy getting to grips with Nahida. This pint-sized character is known for her excellent Dendro AoE capabilities, which can obliterate grouped enemies and amplify the effects of her teammates’ Elemental reactions. 

However, those lucky enough to win the 50/50 on the Nahida banner also have access to another exciting feature that enables the Sumeru Archon to traverse the overworld at lightning speed. This is obviously incredibly useful for Travelers who wish to explore the game’s vast world, particularly when scouring for Primogems and materials. 

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Genshin Impact Nahida swing glitch 

Like most games, Genshin Impact’s community finds a variety of glitches that can prove hilarious or extremely useful. From glitches that give characters all elements to out-of-bounds glitches that enable Travelers to explore unreachable areas, there are always new things to be discovered. 

However, the latest Genshin Impact glitch involves none other than the new 5-star Dendro character, Nahida. While Nahida may not look like the best overworld explorer given her dainty size, this new unit is the quickest adventurer in all of Teyvat. 

In fact, players can cover huge amounts of ground when utilizing this glitch. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to pull off and only requires a few simple steps that have been outlined below: 

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  1. Sit atop any ledge that you can either dive off of or an area that has some height to it. 
  2. Wait for Nahida to enter her idle animation (signified by sitting on a swing).
  3. Have a friend/alt account hit/push you forward via diving or use Xiao’s Elemental Skill.

If you’ve done the above correctly, Nahida will float through the air on her swing. It’s certainly one of the most interesting ways to get around Teyvat and one that can enable you to effortlessly reach difficult areas. The glitch has yet to be patched by HoYoverse, so be sure to give it a go while it still works. 

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