Nahida revealed in Genshin Impact: Dendro Archon abilities, release date rumors

Nahida in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

Nahida’s presence has been officially confirmed in Genshin Impact with players now getting their first look at the Dendro Archon. Here’s what we know about her lore, abilities, and release date rumors as Sumeru’s launch approaches.

Sumeru’s launch in Genshin Impact is just around the corner, and HoYoverse are finally showing off all the characters they have planned.

One of them is Nahida, who like all the other Archons will soon be playable in Genshin Impact. She will play a big part in the game’s Sumeru story as the Dendro Archon, and details are slowly coming through about her backstory and abilities.

Here’s what we know about Nahida in Genshin Impact.


Who is Nahida in Genshin Impact? Dendro Archon lore

Nahida is known as the Dendro Archon in Genshin Impact. Don’t let her pint-sized model fool you though ⁠— she’s one of Sumeru’s finest and she’s going to pack a punch for sure.

According to official character information released on Genshin Impact’s Twitter, Nahida is a Physic of Purity and is known as the Lesser Lord Kusanali who dwells deep in the Sanctuary of Surasthana. She has never been in the limelight nor mentioned much.

Players also know that she is the leader of a civilization that puts great emphasis on knowledge and wisdom above all else.

You can find official details and artwork of Nahida below:

Nahida abilities speculation in Genshin Impact

Recent footage has been shared by reliable community leaker Genshin Mains detailing a couple of Nahida’s abilities.

Her Elemental Burst – Illusory Heart – manifests the Court of Dreams and expands the Shrine of Maya which applies buffs to your teammates that vary depending on their element. For Pyro users their damage output is increased, the duration of Hydro abilities is increased, and cooldowns are decreased for Electro wielders.

Nahida’s Elemental Skill sends forth karmic bonds of trees and wood from her side that deals Dendro AoE damage and marks opponents.

Nahida release date rumors in Genshin Impact 

Nahida’s release date in Genshin Impact as a playable character hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, leaks indicate she will be coming in Version 3.2, so players will have to wait a while to play the Dendro Archon.

Being the Archon, you can expect Nahida to play a big impact in Genshin Impact’s story starting from Version 3.0 and Sumeru’s launch. We will keep you posted with all the latest Nahida details in Genshin Impact as they drop.

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