Where to find carrots in Genshin Impact


Looking to cook up a Goulash to beat the cold or add a little bit of stamina with a Barbatos Ratatouille? You’ll need to know where to find carrots in Genshin Impact before you can do any of that. Here are all of the best locations and recipes for the root veggie. 

There are more ways than ever to use carrots in Genshin Impact, but actually finding them around the map is a bit of a rarity.

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While you might stumble upon a few out in the wild by picking them from random gardens and fields, it’s much easier to hunt them down if you know where to look and we’ve got all of the easiest places to both pick and buy carrots around Teyvat.


Where to find carrots in Genshin Impact

Carrots are a valuable resource in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo
Stocking up on carrots can be a hassle, but knowing where to look makes it much easier.

Only a few places around the map are reliable for finding carrots, and that’s part of what makes them so valuable.

If you’re trying to farm them up in bulk, then you’ll need to visit each of these locations to pad out your reserves:

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  • Dawn Winery – The fields around the winery are stocked full of carrots, making it the easiest location to rely on.
  • Springvale – Many of the NPCs are growing carrots in their gardens here. You’ll need to do a fair bit of hunting, but the eventual bounty is worth the effort.
  • Stormterror’s Lair – Strangely enough, Stormterror’s is an excellent place to gather them as well as the surrounding areas in the east and west both containing carrot spawns. This is definitely the most deadly of the options, but any brave adventurers could take advantage of the locale.
  • Brightcrown Canyon – If you run southwest from the Brightcrown shoreline, you’ll eventually find multiple patches of land with carrots growing in them. This one takes a little longer than the others but is a good backup location if you’re running out of options.

Where to buy carrots in Genshin Impact

Chef Mao is the only Genshin Impact NPC that lets you buy carrotsmiHoYo
Chef Mao is the man in charge of Wanmin Restaurant and will sell you his carrots.

If you don’t have time to go farm up all the carrots yourself, there is one place where you can buy up to 10 of them a day.

On the southside of Liyue Harbor is Wanmin Restaurant you will find Chef Mao. This NPC has a hearty supply of vegetables up for grabs.

The carrots specifically cost 260 Mora here, so buying all 10 of them will run you 2600 Mora when it’s all said and done.

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All carrot recipes in Genshin Impact

Carrots have not always been a premium ingredient in Genshin Impact, but between the addition of new recipes and their inclusion in the Marvelous Merchandise event, the orange vegetable has seen a rise in popularity as of late

Outside of that event, the number of uses for carrots makes them a solid utility option. Between a handful of good recipes and their optional use as a red dye ingredient, there’s no shortage of ways to put them to use.

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Recipe Ingredients
All-Delicacy Parcels 3 x Rice, 3 x Shrimp Meat, 2 x Carrot
Braised Meat 2 x Carrot, 1 x Onion, 4 x Raw Meat, 2 x Potato
Crystal Shrimp 3 x Rice, 2 x Carrot, 3 x Shrimp Meat
Goulash 2 x Carrot, 2 x Chilled Meat, 1 x Tomato
Prosperous Peace 4 x Rice, 2 x Berry, 2 x Carrot, 2 x Lotus Hea
Sticky Honey Roast 2 x Carrot, 2 x Sugar, 3 x Raw Meat
Universal Peace 4 x Rice, 2 x Berry, 2 x Carrot, 2 x Lotus Head
Barbatos Ratatouille 4 x Carrot, 4 x Onion, 4 x Potato
A Buoyant Breeze 4 x Carrot, 4 x Onion, 4 x Potato

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