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Genshin Impact Ayato leak shows off broken attack speed comp

Published: 4/Mar/2022 17:10

by James Busby


A new Ayato Genshin Impact leak has showcased just how broken the 5-star Hydro unit’s Elemental skill can be when its attack speed is buffed. 

The Genshin Impact Ayato leaks continue to surface as players delve into the 2.6 beta, giving Travelers a sneak peek at the Hydro unit’s skills. So far, players have showcased a number of freeze comps, which have utilized Ganyu and Ayaka

These comps have looked incredibly strong and even Genshin Impact streamer Tectone has noted just how insanely powerful Ayato seems to be. However, a new clip of an attack speed comp has caught the eye of the game’s community. 


Not only does this particular team greatly enhance Ayato’s already potent attack speed, but it also takes it to new levels previously unseen in Genshin Impact. Quite whether HoYoverse will change Ayato’s Elemental Skill attack speed scaling remains to be seen, but for now, this comp shows just how ludicrous things can get. 

Genshin Impact Ayato leak shows off attack speed team comp

Ayato and Ayaka in the Genshin Impact Story Promotion Video
Ayato leaks have shown just how versatile he is.

While Ayato seems to work in a variety of Freeze and Superconduct teams, Travelers have been experimenting with other unit compositions. One Genshin Impact leaker decided to take Ayato’s Elemental skill attack speed to new heights. 

Whenever Ayato activates his Elemental Skill, he changes position, leaving behind a watery illusion in his original location. He also enters the Soukai Kanka state, which enables Ayato to use his Shunsuiken to engage in lightning-fast attacks. 


These attacks deal Hydro damage and grant Ayato the Wave Flash effect, which increases his subsequent attack damage that is based on his current max HP. The speed of these attacks is already incredibly fast, but when it’s buffed by the following effects, it becomes even more powerful. 

  • 15% attack speed from C2 Jean.
  • +10% attack speed from the Skyward Blade R5 passive.
  • 12% attack speed from C6 Yun Jin
  • +24% attack speed from Broken Pines R5 passive.
  • +8% attack speed from Chongyun Passive Talent.

As you can imagine, this combo results in a huge attack speed buff for Ayato. In fact, the attacks are so rapid that it’s hard to register the animations. It’s currently unknown whether further attack speed buffs can be applied, but we’ll likely see more exciting experimentations in the weeks to come. 


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