Genshin Impact 5.0 graphics update will make the game look better than ever before

James Busby
Paimon smiling

The Genshin Impact 5.0 graphics update will make the game look better than ever while giving older devices a major boost in performance. 

Posting on the official Genshin Impact Twitter account, HoYoverse revealed that they are upgrading the overall visuals and functions of the game. This comes off the back of the 4.0 Global Illumination update and 4.4 Global Far Fog and Gradient Tint Rock updates. These visual enhancements drastically impacted the game’s lighting and shadows, giving environments greater visual fidelity. 

However, HoYoverse is now aiming to further improve Genshin Impact graphics in 5.0, which means Natlan and future updates will look even better. The devs have even explained how they aim to use “stricter performance optimization” to ensure minimum spec devices still run the game smoothly. 

“This upgrade will also mean higher performance requirements. While striving to keep the minimum device requirements for Version 5.0 the same, we will use stricter performance optimization strategies to ensure stable functioning of the game after the version update.”

This is incredibly exciting for Genshin Impact players, particularly those who are playing on high-end PCs. The Genshin Impact community has also been hyped for the new graphics improvement, with many joking that the improved visuals will have real-life effects as well. 

“With this update we will not only see the grandeur of Natlan, but we will feel the power of the Pyro Archon while we play the game,” joked one player. Meanwhile, mobile players hit out with comical remarks about device overheating. “As if the sheer cold mechanic is not enough they are trying to make extreme heat mechanic in Natlan and make it so immersive we’ll feel it on our hand.”

It’s important to note that visual performance will be reduced after the Version 5.0 update on iOS models with an A12 processor (or lower), Android models with a Snapdragon 865 (or lower), and on PS4. So, essentially the game will run a lot better but there will be fewer details. Either way, this is a win for all Genshin Impact players across all platforms.

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