Ayato and Ayaka Genshin Impact leak wows fans with OP sibling synergies

Ayaka in the Kamisato Estate Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

The Genshin Impact Ayato leaks continue to pour in as Travelers discover new and exciting comps to use, but this time, one player has demonstrated just how powerful Ayaka could be when paired with her older brother. 

Genshin Impact’s Ayato banner release has been eagerly anticipated ever since HoYoverse introduced his younger sister, Ayaka, to the game. While both Ayato and Ayaka both wield Swords, they have different Visions. It’s this deadly combination of Hydro and Cryo elements that makes the sibling duo so powerful. 

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Travelers have been wondering how the Kamisato brother and sister will function together, but a new Genshin Impact leak has finally given players a sneak peek into their synergies. 

Whether you’re aiming to spend your Primogems and roll on the Ayato banner during its 2.6 release, or just wish to boost your Ayaka’s DPS, then this new footage will prove extremely exciting. 

Ayato gameplay leak showcases Ayaka synergies

Ayato and Ayaka in the Genshin Impact Story Promotion VideoHoYoverse
Ayato and Ayaka appear to work incredibly well together.

Just like the previous Ayato and Ganyu gameplay showcase, a Genshin Impact leaker has uploaded a video of a new powerful pairing. This time, NotALeaks has demonstrated just how powerful Ayato and Ayaka can be when it comes to making the perfect Freeze team. 

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During the clip, the player can be seen rounding up a horde of angry Hilichurls, carefully grouping them together. Once the enemies have all been gathered, Ayato unleashes his Elemental Burst, which sends out a myriad of water droplets. 

When these Hydro-infused droplets make contact with the ground or an enemy, they burst, dealing AoE Hydro damage to all nearby targets. This makes it particularly potent when paired with Cryo abilities. 

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After Ayato has finished dousing his opponents with Hydro, Ayaka sends out her Elemental Burst, summoning a snowstorm that traps all enemies in a deadly blanket of ice. 

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The ultimate’s Frostflake continuously moves forward, ensnaring all wet enemies and completely immobilizing them. For those who wish to instantly stop their foes dead in their tracks, this sibling duo will likely prove incredibly popular, especially given just how potent it seems to be. 

Make sure you use our best Ayato build and best Ayaka build so that you have all the Ascension materials and Artifacts to make this deadly duo perform at their peak. For more news and guides, check out our Genshin Impact page.

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