Hidden Genshin Impact Amber trick transforms 4-star Pyro character into deadly machine gun

James Busby
Amber holding a bottle

A Genshin Impact player has showcased a hidden mechanic that turns Amber into a deadly machine gun capable of clearing Spiral Abyss content.  

Amber is known to be one of the worst units in Genshin Impact – in fact, our very own tier list places her right at the bottom of D Tier. The Pyro ranger is currently outclassed by every Pyro unit in the game in terms of both damage and utility. Because of this, it’s uncommon for players to utilize Amber outside the early game. 

However, one Genshin Impact player has found a hidden technique that transforms Amber into a deadly machine gunner. Not only does this lightning-fast mechanic make Amber more viable, but it’s also incredibly simple to pull off. 

Posting on the official Genshin Impact Reddit page, the player uploaded a video of them beating Floor 12 Chamber 1 of the Spirall Abyss. However, this wasn’t done with a meta team comp, instead, it was achieved entirely with Amber. 

During the clip, Amber can be seen effortlessly taking down all seven enemies with a nonstop barrage of arrows. This is in direct contrast to the Pyro character’s intended playstyle, which involves constantly charging arrows before unleashing them. 

As you can see from the video, there are no charged shots used as the player simply spams the normal attack button. While it may not be the quickest way to take down opponents, the added attack speed is impressive and enables Amber to solo the entire floor with ease. 

For those looking to try this hidden technique for yourselves, the talented Amber player has outlined exactly what you need to do. “Swap the skill and normal attack button for the easiest access to let your index finger do the magic (holding normal attack input for about 0.3s), if on PS5 you can further change the mapping (which is why I press R1 to shoot and left stick to dash).”

The Amber main notes that you will have to hold the aiming stick a tiny bit to the right to counter the drifting caused by aiming in and out. I recommend you watch the video posted above to see exactly how the technique is performed. 

While it won’t make Amber an S-tier character, it’s great to see how even the worst units like Amber can still clear Spiral Abyss content with a little bit of ingenuity.