Genshin Impact streamer Tectone shares opinion on “ridiculously powerful” Ayato gameplay leak

. 4 months ago
Tectone next to Ayato in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact streamer Tectone has revealed his thoughts on Ayato – the game’s upcoming 5-star Hydro character. 

The recent Genshin Impact Ayato gameplay leaks have revealed the Yashiro Commissioner’s abilities. Not only has this given Travelers a glimpse of how he’ll play when he’s released in Version 2.6, but we’ve also been able to see his synergies with other popular characters like Ganyu and Ayaka

Judging from the recent Genshin Impact leaks, Ayato certainly seems to be a strong Hydro character. This is partly down to his powerful AoE abilities that drench opponents with Hydro-based attacks. 

While it’s still early days for Ayato, Tectone believes the Hydro Sword user could be one of the game’s best characters. So, if you’re unsure of whether you should save your Primogems for the upcoming Ayato banner, then Tectone’s words could help sway your decision. 

Tectone reveals thoughts on Ayato Genshin Impact leak

Ayato official artwork
Ayato’s abilities have leaked ahead of his official release.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cooler character than Ayato in my entire life,” said Tectone. I’ve seen his kit, I’ve not seen hit numbers, but holy sh*t…I’ll be real, man. If there’s one character that I think people should save for right now, it’s Ayato.”

It’s clear Tectone has been impressed by the Ayato gameplay leak, which showcased how his Elemental Skill and Burst function. The skill leaves behind a watery illusion in his original location, taunting all nearby opponents, and exploding after a short duration or when attacked.

Once this skill has been used, Ayato also uses his Shunsuiken to engage in lightning-fast attacks that deal Hydro damage. If that wasn’t enough, his Elemental Burst unleashes Hydro-infused droplets that rain down from the sky in a large circle. 

Timestamp of 0:44

When these droplets hit the ground or an enemy, they explode, dealing even more AoE Hydro damage. It’s because of his ability to apply the ‘Wet’ status that he has caught the eye of many Freeze and Superconduct team comps, particularly from Ganyu and Ayaka users. 

“It’s hard not to be excited, man. He looks crazy. With how ridiculously powerful Ayato looks, it’s hard not to think that the power scaling of the game might go up. He looks absurd and to be honest, I have never been closer to posting a leak video on my channel than I have been right now.” 

Just like many Genshin Impact players, Tectone is obviously incredibly hyped for Ayato’s release date, but time will only tell whether Pillar of Fortitude is as strong as he seems. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for the latest news and guides.

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