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Everything we know about Bayonetta 3: Trailers, platforms, more

Published: 8/Feb/2022 15:00 Updated: 8/Feb/2022 15:37

by Andrew Highton


Players are eager for the return of the stylish, black-haired vixen in Bayonetta 3. Fans of the franchise are craving another bout of hacking and slashing, and this is all the information we know on the Bayonetta 3 front.

First announced back at The Game Awards 2017, PlatinumGames’ newest adventure for the charismatic heroine is all set to be the biggest and grandest one yet. The first two games have been favorably compared to the likes of Devil May Cry and God of War for their incredible action and engaging story and characters.

The game appears to have been in development for some time now, and not too much is known about it. There have been snippets and glimpses of the game, especially with its trailers, and here’s everything we’ve been able to gather so far.



bayonetta standing in train
We expect another marathon of insane battles and explosive set-pieces.

Is there a Bayonetta 3 release date yet?

All we know at the moment is that Bayonetta 3 is penciled for a 2022 release, according to one of the game’s trailers. PlatinumGames haven’t been able to give anything more precise, and it’s always likely that the game’s development is being impacted by the ongoing circumstances in the world.

2022 is already shaping up to be a positively stacked year when it comes to video games. So if Bayonetta 3 does arrive in 2022, there’s every possibility that it will arrive during a quieter period to give the game some breathing space and a brighter spotlight.

Bayonetta 3 trailers

The game’s debut trailer arrived during the jam-packed 2017 edition of The Game Awards. Despite only being a brief 53-second teaser, the footage managed to cram a lot of intrigue into it.


Here’s the game’s first trailer.

There was then a sustained period of silence after the debut trailer, leading to many wondering if the game had been canceled altogether. However, these fears were allayed during the September 23, 2021, Nintendo Direct.

Not only did we get to see the game’s current state, but we got extended gameplay footage with a nearly 4-minute look at the game. You can check it out below.

Bayonetta 3 platforms

It’s been a back-and-forth journey for Bayonetta and its availability. The first Bayonetta was available to the PS3 and Xbox 360 on release, whereas its successor briefly became a Nintendo WiiU exclusive.


Both games were then remastered for the Nintendo Switch, and now it seems like Bayonetta 3 will be following a similar path. The third entry in the series will be exclusive to Nintendo’s successful Switch platform, with no plans to have a wider release for the game.

There’s always the potential for Bayonetta 3 to come to more platforms later down the line, but it might depend on the success of the game.

Bayonetta is a vastly popular hack and slash action game.

Update from Capcom

In an interview given to IGN, Platinum president Atsushi Inaba and vice-president Hideki Kamiya provided some more information about Bayonetta 3 and confirmed the game will release in 2022.


They said: “The [trailer] should reassure you that we have been hard at work on development, and it should also show you that there are a lot of new elements in this game that were not in Bayonetta 1 and 2. I hope the footage released so far will fuel your expectations for this game.”

He went on to say: “At the beginning of the trailer, viewers might have been confused about what game it was for, and then we introduced some enemies, and still it was kept unclear, and then Bayonetta appeared. I think the fact that we were able to pull off this misdirection in the trailer shows that the new game has its own colour. Bayonetta 3 looks a little different, and it includes some new types of gameplay, so I hope players will find it fresh.”


The devs were also keen to stress that Bayonetta’s adult elements wouldn’t be toned down due to the heavy involvement of the usually family friendly Nintendo, saying: “When we released the previous trailer, some fans thought that maybe working with Nintendo had meant we were under some kind of restrictions in terms of creative expression, but that is absolutely not the case. This will be a very Bayonetta-esque Bayonetta game.”

Finally, Inaba confirmed that the Nintendo themed elements from Bayonetta 2 would also return for players who want it. Such as Bayonetta able to cosplay as Princess Peach and other Nintendo characters. They said: “We already did a lot of that in Bayonetta 2, so it wouldn’t be much fun to repeat ourselves every time.”

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