When is Stellar Blade out? Everything we know: Trailers, platforms, PS5 exclusivity

Project EveSHIFT UP Corporation

Formally known as Project Eve, Stellar Blade is an upcoming action RPG that looks like Bayonetta meets Dark Souls. Here’s everything we know.

Stellar Blade is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game being developed by Korean studio Shift Up and was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase event in 2001. Before this, the game had been rumored since 2020 but unconfirmed. The title was originally revealed under the name Project Eve, but this was changed to Stellar in 2022.

The game shares a lot of similarities with titles like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, but its aesthetic looks a lot like something out of a Souls game, especially Soulslikes such as Code Vein. However, the action looks a lot more frantic than the methodical duels of the Souls series. Here’s everything we know about this upcoming action game.

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Project Eve combatSHIFT UP Corporation
Project Eve’s gameplay looks very impressive.

Does Stellar Blade have a release date?

The trailer didn’t confirm when Stellar Blade will be arriving, so the game is currently without a release date.

The original release window was simply 2023, but there’s been no word on this since it was announced.

What platforms will Stellar Blade be on?

The game has been confirmed to be a PS5 exclusive, but its original announcement was for Xbox consoles and PC.

On PS5, the developers have said that Stellar Blade will “take full advantage” of the DualSense controllers’ haptic feedback and the console’s graphical capabilities.

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Project EveSHIFT UP Corporation
Stellar Blade’s gameplay reminded us of Bayonetta.

Stellar Blade: Trailers

PlayStation Showcase 2021: Gameplay Trailer

There was so much in the original Stellar Blade (Project Eve) trailer that it took us multiple viewings to digest it all. At first glance, the title looked like something Platinum Games would develop. However, upon closer inspection, we spotted DNA from various genres and franchises.

Eve was fighting zombie-like mutant enemies known as NA:tives, and the trailer showed off some impressive locations and combat sequences. Many of which would be at home in a recent Final Fantasy title.

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Gameplay and style

The protagonist, Eve, reminded us of Bayonetta, although the art style was decidedly different from Capcom’s series despite the similarities in gameplay. Stellar Blade is aiming for a more photoreal, if not slightly anime, design. Yet, one that’s a world away from Bayonetta’s over-the-top stylishness.

Stellar Blade also appeared to channel the Souls games at times during the trailer, or at least the games they inspired, such as Code Vein and From Software’s own Bloodborne. The timing of strikes looks to be important, rather than the game being simply a mindless hack-and-slasher.

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Plot and character details

Eve exists in a post-apocalyptic world, one in which alien monsters appear to be growing around space stations. The trailer suggests that Eve uses a subway system to move around but regularly needs to defend herself against invading NA:tives.

There also appears to be someone giving Eve instructions, alluding to a wider cast of characters.

So that’s everything we know so far about Stellar Blade.

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