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How to qualify for FIFA 22 FUT Champions Play-Offs & Finals

Published: 21/Sep/2021 19:50 Updated: 21/Sep/2021 21:10

by Nick Farrell


FIFA 22 FUT Champions Weekend League has been transformed by EA this year, integrating a new system for players to qualify, along with some finer details on the playoffs and the requalification process.

FIFA 22 has been ramping up its new and innovative content in preparation for players hitting the pitch once again, and they’re making an ample amount of changes to game modes such as Ultimate Team, and Career Mode.

For those keen to see if they can stack up against some of the best worldwide, then you’re going to want to try your hand at qualifying for FUT Champs. It is one of three competitive modes in Ultimate Team, along with Squad Battles and Division Rivals. 


FUT Champions, though, is where the cream of the crop is at, and we’re going to break down how you’ll be able to qualify for this year’s title.


Progressing through the divisions is a grind for sure, but worth the trouble!

How does FUT Champs Weekend League work in FIFA 22?

Just like previous years, FUT Champs Weekend League is a weekend-based competition where players can obtain rewards.

Players will begin their journey for qualification in Division Rivals, Division 10, and have to make their way through the ladder until they are able to reach FUT Champs status. Players will now be allocated points based on their performance, as opposed to the traditional wins format that was used in years past.


EA has noted the following in how FUT Champs Weekend League is going to work this year.

  • Winning a match moves you forward one Stage.
  • Losing a match moves you back one Stage unless you are on a Checkpoint.
  • Drawing will keep you at your current position.

Along with the above comments on the Weekend League, the record you’ll need in order to obtain a certain rank is also going to differ. Below is the record you’re going to need to achieve each rank based on your win/lose.

Your amount of points after playing the 20 games will decide on your rewards.

These ranks and the point system is for the main Weekend League competition, but before that you’re going to need to know how to qualify.


How to qualify for FIFA 22 FUT Champions Play-Offs

fut champs playoffs
You’re almost near the top of the FIFA world when you make it to the playoffs.

Once you have accumulated enough points during the season, you’ll have punched your ticket to the FUT Champs Play-Offs, and this is also going to use a points-based system.

Players will have the chance to play games throughout these playoffs whenever they can, and earning enough points during this time frame will net you a Finals voucher for the current season of FUT Champs.

How to qualify for FIFA 22 FUT Champions Finals

The last leg of FUT Champs is going to the Finals, which will only be reserved for players who’ve qualified through the needed points during the Play-Off portion.

This stage is going to take place on Weekends, so make sure you have enough time during these days.


FUT Champs
Players will be able to enter the FUT Champs Finals at any time with the new Qualification Token.

New FUT Champs rewards system explained

EA has noted they wanted to “rebalance the rewards across both competition stages” this year with the introduction for Playoffs and Finals for FUT Champs. So, this means players will have the chance to earn two separate reward sets based on how you perform during these matches.

If you make it all the way to the Finals, you’ll be granted more rewards and these are often excellent cards to bolster your lineup. EA has stated: “In the Finals, where you finish will decide your additional rewards. If you finish all of your matches in the Finals, you can claim your rewards instantly. If you still have matches to be played, your rewards will be granted at the end of the competition, based on where you finished.”


How to claim FIFA 22 FUT Champions rewards

Players will have a flurry of rewards to choose from within these packs.

In FIFA 22, you can claim rewards right after completing your matches. 

Best FIFA 22 FUT Champions formations

You’re going to want to come prepared when heading into these games, and using the right formation is one of the best ways you can get a headstart on your opponent.

Below are some formations we recommend checking out for your squads within FUT.

  • 5-4-1 (Diamond)
  • 3-5-1-1
  • 5-2-3
  • 4-3-2-1

But, the choice is ultimately up to you, and use whichever formation you’ll find the most success with.

Best FIFA 22 custom tactics for FUT Champs

Along with formations, tactics are also going to be pivotal when trying to earn victories in FUT, and we’ve gone through some of the best custom tactics in our guide here.

This new format coming to FUT Champs is bound to create some insane gameplay, and we’re amped to see how players react to these changes.