FIFA 22 players divided over new game: What do you rate it?

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FIFA 22 players have been diving in with early with EA Play access and Ultimate Edition, but it appears the highly anticipated game has split the community right down the middle. 

EA SPORTS dripped out details on Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA Football, Pro Clubs, and gameplay features in the weeks approaching their October 1 release date. Many of the changes were good on paper, as a consensus formed in the community that this entry might be the best one in years.

However, after getting hands-on with the title on September 22 and 27, it appears anything that looks remotely like a consensus is hard to find.

In Dexerto’s FIFA 22 review, we gave the game a solid 8.5 rating due to improved gameplay with Hypermotion Technology. Though that’s just the opinion of one writer, what’s more interesting is to find out if it’s resonated with the audience at large.

FIFA 22 rating? Players are divided

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Gameplay has proved to be a lightning rod in the FIFA 22 community, again.

On September 27, we put the question to early access players via UltimateTeamUK on Twitter.

The poll amassed over 18,000 votes, with members of the community tasked with slapping a game rating on FIFA 22. Early results show that more people have tended to vote for 0-5 than for a perfect 10, which suggests it has some way to go in future patches to achieve a higher rating.

Interestingly, though, the brackets for 5-7 and 8-10 have been neck-and-neck since it was posted.

One fan posted: “Sitting at a 7 for me. Interested to see if the first patch sends us back to the dark ages or not. Goalkeepers need a nerf.”

“Between 8-10 for me. Easily the most enjoyable FIFA for a while and not having games finishing 9-8 constantly is refreshing,” a user replied. “Prefer the keepers the way they are makes it more challenging.”

Another said: “This is my favourite FIFA to date! My play style fits perfectly. Never been able to master skills and it’s perfect I love it!”

Some players were more ruthless, though: “I went between 0-5, not because of the slower gameplay, I actually prefer it. No spamming skill moves. BUT, there are huge issues like super keepers, tackling still broken, right stick switching broken, passing is inconsistent, shooting barely exists.”

In terms of the figures of this relatively large sample size, 39% of respondents selected the former, and another 39% picked the latter – but there’s still time to tilt the balance.

The poll ends on September 30, 2021.

The early exit polls are in, though, and it suggests a lot of people aren’t head over heels with FIFA 22 so far. Whether or not that will change with the release of upcoming gameplay patches, Ultimate Team promos, and Career Mode updates remains to be seen.

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