Top 20 most followed TikTok accounts – Charli D'Amelio, Zach King, more

by David Purcell


TikTok has established itself as a perfect platform to allow videos to go viral, reaching millions of online users, but who should you be following on the app? Well, let's take a look at the top 20 accounts. 

For those who don't know a lot about the app itself, TikTok is a social media service that was launched back in 2017 for iOS and Android, owned by ByteDance.

It is now available in over 150 markets across the world in 75 different languages, with 2020 looking set to be the most successful year yet for the application. With so many lip-sync videos lasting between three and 15 seconds being shared online regularly, coupled with looping clips that can last up to a minute, so many people are already hooked.

Looking to follow some new accounts on TikTok? We've rounded up the top 20 most followed to give you some ideas.


Now, as so many more people are making accounts for TikTok, we're going to run through 20 of the most-followed users, using stats from Social Tracker. For all we know, some of these could make up your first few follow selections.

Two of the accounts are actually TikTok, although neither of them is in the top spot. So, let's take a look who is, how many followers and posts they have, as well as their close contenders.

Top 20 TikTok accounts (29 March 2020)

1. Charli D'Amelio

charli d'amelio
charli d\'amelio
D'Amelio overtook Loren Gray on March 25, 2020.

The most followed individual on TikTok is Charli D’Amelio, who overtook Loren Gray on March 25, 2020 to become the largest account in the world.

At just 16 years old, her rise to the top of TikTok has been nothing short of spectacular. Alongside her incredible TikTok success, she has already garnered over 2.5million YouTube subscribers, and collaborated with the likes of James Charles.

Instead of making a name for herself with her singing TikTok, D'Amelio exploded in followers thanks to her videos of dance choreography.

She even ended up being the first star on the app to appear in a Super Bowl commercial, which is an impressive accomplishment no matter which way you try to slice it.

2. Zach King

Zach King - YouTube
Zach King is massive on TikTok and YouTube.

While D'Amelio is considered to be the face of TikTok, King has now risen to second place, overtaking Loren Gray. He's been able to amass a following of over 48 million while only making 203 posts on the app at the time of this writing.

King made a name for himself on the now-defunct app Vine, but he's been able to transition his following over to a new platform quite nicely. Although he has a wife and two kids, he's still able to produce consistent content, which is an impressive feat on its own.


3. Loren Gray

Lauren Gray
loren, Instagram
Loren Gray has fallen to no. 3 as a result of Charli D'Amelio's and Zach King's rise in fame.

Loren Gray is an American singer and TikTok user with just over 43.6 million people following her account on the platform. She is signed to Virgin Records and Capitol Records, with her most recent singles being Options, Lie Like That, and Can't Do It – which featured rapper Saweetie.

She was only usurped of top spot at the end of March 2020, as a result of Charl D'Amelio's unparalleled rise in popularity.

Those who follow her should expect to see a lot of new content, too, as the 17-year-old social media star has one of the largest amounts of posts on the list as well.


4. Addison Rae

IG: AddisonRaee
Rae has stormed into the top 5 most followed TikTok stars.

Addison Rae, at the time of this article's last update, was in an impressive 7th place. However, the last few months have seen her accumulate over 13 million new followers, to the point where she has overtaken TikTok's own account.

She is best known for her dance choreography videos, and has built an immensely popular YouTube following off the back of her TikTok success. It looks like she might be branching out into more mainstream media too, as she recently dropped hints she'll be getting her own reality TV show. 

5. TikTok

TikTok is 5th, on its own website.

That's right. The fifth most followed account on TikTok is... TikTok. The company's own account boasts an incredible 42.5 million followers.

They regularly post a variety of content to their channel, with most of their videos amassing upwards of a few million views. Even boasting occasional celebrity appearances, if you're a true TikTok fan, you should probably be following TikTok themselves.


Rank Account name Posts Followers
#1 Charli D'Amelio 1,286 59,389,641
#2 Zach King 203 43,852,531
#3 Loren Gray 2,464 43,656,543
#4 Addison Rae 978 42,923,992
#5 TikTok 98 42,514,616
#6 Riyaz 1,815 39,929,538
#7 BabyAriel 2,185 33,272,168
#8 Spencerx 920 31,295,762
#9 Faisal Shaikh 248 28,665,041
#10 Brent Rivera 718 28,048,824
#11 GIL CROES 559 27,386,914
#12 Arishfa Khan 1,858 26,997,218
#13 jannat_zubair29 952 26,484,909
#14 Will Smith 34 26,473,033
#15 Nisha Guragain 1,681 26,184,356
#16 Dixie D'Amelio 204 25,332,850
#17 The Rock 25 25,249,742
#18 Awez Darbar 2,595 25,103,734
#19 flighthouse 3,850 24,735,857
#20 Kristen Hancher 1,934 23,969,853

Last updated: May 30, 2020 at 11:27 am EST