Watch Bella Poarch’s new ‘Dolls’ music video featuring Dream, Valkyrae, Ludwig, & more

Bella Poarch and Dream in new Dolls videoYouTube: Bella Poarch

TikTok sensation Bella Poarch has released the sequel to hit song ‘Build a B*tch’ in the form of ‘Dolls,’ with the music video starring some of the internet’s biggest stars, such as Dream, Ludwig, Valkyrae, and more.

Bella Poarch first rose to fame on TikTok with her viral dance videos, and since starting out on the app she has gained over 90 million followers.

In 2021 she launched her music career with her first single ‘Build a B*tch,’ which went on to become a huge hit on both TikTok and beyond, with an astonishing 400 million views on YouTube at the time of writing.

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In June, Bella began teasing that she would be releasing a part two to ‘Build a B*tch’ in the coming weeks, and on July 15, it finally dropped.

The song and music video titled ‘Dolls’ is a sequel to the storyline featured in ‘Build a B*tch,’ which saw her break free of the factory that had built her. This new video sees Bella and her friends go on a journey to track down those in charge of the factories, and just like the first installment, she has included several popular internet personalities in the story.

The video featured Dream, Ludwig, Valkyrae, Mizkif, HasanAbi, Sykkuno, Miyoung, Larray, and Bretman Rock all playing a role in the futuristic plot, and one of the most significant characters was played by Grimes, who was involved in an impressive fight scene with Bella.

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‘Dolls’ has already been a big hit among fans, who are praising Bella for the quality of the sequel. “The storytelling is so well done, looking forward to seeing your musical saga continue,” one commenter wrote, another saying: “This song is literally the definition of perfection.”

In just six hours, the video has garnered 700,000 views, but only time will tell whether ‘Dolls’ will reach the impressive view count that ‘Build a B*tch’ has accumulated.

With how the video ends, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a third-entry in the series to complete the trilogy.