How to sync videos to a sound on TikTok

. 7 months ago
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In a popular trend that continues to sweep the platform, TikTok users are getting the app to automatically sync videos from their camera roll with viral sounds for an effortless montage.

TikTok has come a long way from where the app first began, with the platform constantly adding a range of new features that make creating and sharing content much easier than before.

In particular, they pay a lot of attention to editing features within the app, so that people wanting to make good content on TikTok can do so without needing to use third-party apps as often.

Many popular trends on the platform involve ‘sounds,’ which is just another way of saying music, and one that has been going viral for months now has involved people picking a certain number of videos from their camera roll and allowing the app to sync it to a viral sound automatically.

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The process can result in an effortless yet sometimes professional-looking montage that makes it easy to look back on a slideshow of your favorite memories.

How to sync videos to a sound on TikTok

Creating montage for this trend takes a few steps, but many find that it’s worth it to see the results.

  1. Launch TikTok.
  2. Locate a video participating in the trend using the sound you want in the background of your video.
  3. Click the sound at the bottom of the screen, and then ‘Use this sound.’
  4. Tap the upload button and select the videos you want to appear in the montage. (Note: Every viral sound people use for this trend will have a different required amount of videos. For example, for Liam Fawell’s ‘As The World Caves In Remix,’ you will need to select 18 videos.)
  5. Once you’ve selected the correct amount of videos, press next.
  6. Underneath the video, ensure ‘Sound sync’ is selected. This should line up your videos with the sound.
  7. Press next, before making any additional edits to your montage, like text or filters.
  8. Tap next again to go to the ‘Post’ screen, where you can upload your video as you normally would.

People have been absolutely loving the results of this trend, with many montages garnering hundreds and thousands of likes.

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