Khaby Lame overtakes Charli D’Amelio as most-followed TikTok creator

Instagram: charlidamelio / YouTube: Nas Daily

Khaby Lame has officially overtaken Charli D’Amelio as TikTok’s most-followed content creator after months of fan campaigns urging viewers to send him to the top.

Sengalese-born social media star Khabane Lame is now the undisputed king of TikTok.

Sitting at 142,389,179 followers at the time of writing, he has officially surpassed Charli D’Amelio, who sat in her throne as TikTok Queen for over two years.

Khaby’s latest accomplishment comes on the heels of a huge fan effort across TikTok to see him beat out Charli, using hashtags like #KhabyToNumberOne to spread the word.

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khaby lame boss photoInstagram: khaby00
Khaby Lame is now the king of TikTok – and his fans couldn’t be happier.

Of course, Khaby was going viral well before his fans took off on this endeavor. Last year, Lame garnered a jaw-dropping 15 million followers between May 8 and May 23, according to metrics taken from Social Tracker.

Khaby is best known for his viral life-hack debunking videos, where he humorously takes the “easy” route that so many life hacks seem to walk miles around — all with a totally unamused look as though he’s “done” with their shenanigans.

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Khaby’s upset comes two years after Charli took the title of TikTok royalty from Loren Gray, who, at the time, had 41 million followers on the app.

Since then, Charli has skyrocketed to 141 million followers, and Khaby has surpassed even that.

Of course, there’s no enmity between these two social media celebrities; the duo met up back in February of this year and snapped a few photos together, showing that although there might be some healthy competition among them, it’s all love in the end.

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This massive shift in TikTok’s ranks also follows some odd metrics for some of the app’s biggest stars, including Charli and Addison Rae, who have seen a substantial loss in followers over the past month. Although it’s clear they’re still doing well for themselves, with both women set to star in major films.