Top 20 Twitch Streamers (June 2023) – Most followed channels

As emerging gamers and online personalities strive to rise to Twitch fame, the platform’s reigning champions have already amassed a following in the millions. This article presents the top 20 Twitch streamers with the largest following as of June 2023.

Streaming continues to grow at an accelerated pace, particularly with increased competition from YouTube and Facebook Gaming – but Twitch remains number one for livestreaming content.

The world of streaming is experiencing explosive growth, especially with heightened competition from YouTube and Kick, yet Twitch still holds its position as the premier destination for live-streamed content.

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At the very top of the pile are those streamers with millions of followers, who regularly attract tens of thousands of viewers as soon as they hit the ‘go live’ button. Some of these streamers have been around for over a decade, while others have only just got their start in the past year.

Standing atop this digital mountain are Twitch streamers with followers in the millions, regularly pulling in tens of thousands of viewers the moment they press the ‘go live’ button. These streaming icons range from seasoned veterans, present for over a decade, to fresh faces that just kick-started their journey in the past couple of years.

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These are the most followed streamers on Twitch.

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Twitch phone app and logoTwitch
Twitch is home to some of the biggest streamers on the internet.

Ninja still number 1 for Twitch followers

Ninja is still number one on the list of the most followed Twitch streamers, with over 18 million followers on his channel. He ended his exclusive partnership with Twitch when he moved to Mixer, but came back after the platform dissolved.

Auronplay and Rubius are fast approaching Ninja’s follower count though, and are on track to overtake him.

Kai Cenat is also growing rapidly, and holds the record for most subs at one time, but hasn’t quite cracked the top 20 yet, with just over 5 million followers.

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Meanwhile, Tfue, xQc, and shroud are the next NA-based streamers in the list, all with over 10 million followers.

Tfue and Ninja, two of the top twitch streamers.Tfue has now overtaken shroud, but has a long way to go if he wants to overtake Ninja in followers.

The rise of Spanish streamers

One of the big changes in the past couple of years, when looking at the landscape of big names on Twitch, is the growth of non-English speaking streamers.

In particular, Spanish-speaking streamers are dominating, now taking up two of the top three spots. This is thanks to the growth of streaming not only in Spain, but also in South America. Ibai, Rubius, and Grefg all make the top 10.

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In 2022, there was an argument that Auronplay ws actually the most popular streamer on all of Twitch at some stages, with his average viewership often beating every other streamer. In total, eight of the top 20 streamers on Twitch speak either Spanish or Portuguese.

Streamers moving to YouTube

A number of the top 20 Twitch streamers by follower count have actually moved to YouTube, such as Myth and TimTheTatman. However, we’re keeping them on this list as their channels are still available on the platform (Dr Disrespect’s channel is still banned).

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However, some streamers, like Adin Ross, are no longer counted in the list as their accounts are permanently banned. Adin’s channel had 7.2 million followers at the time he was banned, which would place him 16th on the list.

Amouranth drops out Top 20

Once again, Pokimane is the only female streamer in the top 20, with just under 9 million followers.

The second-most followed female streamer on the platform is Amouranth, who has now fallen out of the top 20 once again, just behind SypherPK and Alanzoka. Pokimane has been taking a break from streaming, meaning her follower growth has slowed, but maintains 10th spot on the list.

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Top 20 most popular Twitch streamers

20: SypherPK – 6.4 million

Known for: Fortnite

SypherPK has been battling it out with Amouranth and Alanzoka for the 20th spot on this list for a while, and as of June 2023, he’s around 40,000 followers ahead of Amouranth.

Sypher is a veteran Twitch streamer who is best known for his Fortnite content, but does also dabble in other multiplayer games from time to time.

19: Alanzoka – 6.4 million

Known for: Variety

Alanzoka is a Spanish streamer who has been battling with SypherPK and Amouranth for the top 20 spot, and this month he has reclaimed his position, knocking Sypher to 21st and Amouranth to 22nd.

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Lately, Alanzoka has been streaming a lot of Counter-Strike, as well as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and averages over 18,000 concurrent viewers.

18. Dream – 6.4 million

Known for: Minecraft

Minecraft star Dream has made a small return to Twitch streaming at the start of March, and even though he only streamed twice, it’s enough to boost his followers ahead of Amouranth and SypherPK.

Dream finally revealed his face in 2022, after years of keeping it hidden behind his mask. He is most popular on YouTube, where he uploads sporadically, but even despite streaming very little, his Twitch following is huge too.

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17: NICKMERCS – Followers: 6.6 million

Nickmercs streamingTwitch: NICKMERCS
Nick has consistently been of the highest-viewed Warzone streamers on Twitch.

Known for: Fortnite/Call of Duty

Another big Fortnite and Call of Duty streamer, NICKMERCS spent a year as a content creator with 100Thieves before joining FaZe Clan in May 2019. He currently streams Apex Legends mostly, and saw his follower count increase by over 1m in 2021.

16: TimTheTatman – Followers: 7 million

Known for: Variety

Despite now moving to YouTube, Tim’s channel is still available on Twitch, meaning he keeps his spot on this list.

Tim has moved from CS:GO, to Call of Duty, to Overwatch, to Fortnite, and back to Call of Duty again. No matter what he streams, he commands a huge audience and shows no signs of slowing even after such a long career.

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15: TommyInnit – Followers: 7.4 million

TommyInnit streaming on TwitchTwitch: TommyInnit
Tommy’s activity on the private server, the Dream SMP, helped his popularity on the platform.

Known for: Minecraft

British Minecraft streamer TommyInnit is one of the youngest players on this list. At 18, he is already proving his worth as a Twitch streamer with an impressive follower count of over 7 million.

His followers have skyrocketed, both on Twitch and YouTube, but he previously suggested that he might need to take some time away from streaming on Twitch to focus on YouTube more.

14. ElMariana – Followers: 7.6 million

Known for: Variety

The newest entry into the top 20 is Mexican streamer ElMariana. Also boasting over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, he has skyrocketed into the top 20, having only started to grow fast on Twitch in April 2021.

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He gained over 3 million followers in 2022, pushing him above TimTheTatman.

13: Myth – Followers: 7.4 million

Known for: Fortnite/Variety

Once by far the fastest-growing streamer on Twitch, TSM Myth exploded in popularity when he made a name for himself with incredible building skills in Fortnite. Even after the hype of Fortnite died, Myth has kept his huge following interested no matter what he streams.

Myth has now moved to streaming exclusively on YouTube, but his channel is still available on Twitch, so he stays on the list.

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12. ElSpreen – Followers: 7.7 million

Known for: Minecraft / Variety

Another Spanish-speaking streamer, ElSpreen is an Argentinian Minecraft streamer and YouTuber. In addition to his 6 million Twitch followers, he has 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

In the past year, he has gained over 3.4 million Twitch followers, and could be on his way to the top 10 most-followed very soon.

11: sodapoppin – Followers: 8.8 million

Known for: Variety

A 10-year veteran of the Twitch scene, sodapoppin has long hovered around the top of the viewer rankings. Despite a two-week suspension in April, May sees him return to the top 20.

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10: Pokimane – Followers: 9.3 million

Pokimane, one of the most followed Twitch streamersTwitch: Pokimane
Pokimane is the only female streamer to reach above the 10th spot in the top 20 list.

Known for: Variety

By far the most followed female streamer, Pokimane is a beacon for many others to aspire to. A member of Offline TV, she streams a wide variety of games, but started primarily with League of Legends, before moving to Fortnite. Pokimane was one of the most-watched female streamers on Twitch in 2021 and 2022. In 2023, she has been streaming a lot less, meaning her follower count hasn’t moved much.

9: Shroud – Followers: 10.5 million

shroud twitch streamerTwitch: Shroud
Shroud left Twitch for Mixer, but returned when the latter shut down.

Known for: Variety

First making his name for his ridiculous aim in CS:GO, and then PUBG, the former pro player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek gained a reputation as the ‘human aimbot’. He moved to Mixer shortly after Ninja, but has returned to his original domain, and enjoyed a nice bump in followers since too.

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8: juansguarnizo – Followers: 10.5 million

Known for: Variety

Juan is South America’s biggest streamer. He is originally from Colombia, but boasts a massive audience in Mexico, where he currently lives. He streams a variety of games but mainly focuses on Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

7: TheGrefg – Followers: 11.3 million

Known for: Fortnite/Minecraft

YouTube superstar TheGrefg produces some of the finest Spanish content Twitch has to offer. While he mostly streams Fortnite and Minecraft, he’s more recently spread out into Fall Guys and Among Us as his popularity exploded over the course of the past year.

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6: Tfue – Followers: 11.4 million

Tfue, one of the most followed Twitch streamers.Tfue/Twitch
Tfue was the second streamer to reach 10 million followers.

Known for: Fortnite/Call of Duty

Tfue currently sits at #6 on the most followed Twitch streamer list. Although he’s largely moved on from the game now, Tfue was the only Fortnite streamer who could rival Ninja during the game’s prime in 2018, and later usurped him in viewership in 2019. Ninja’s move to mixer made way for him to top the charts, but he now rests at sixth overall.

5: xQc – Followers: 11.8 million

xQc on TwitchYouTube / xQcOW
xQc was the most-watched streamer in 2020, in terms of hours watched.

Known for: Overwatch/Variety

A former Overwatch pro, Félix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel is often the streamer that pulls in the most views. While he’s mostly into FPS titles, he streams a wide variety of games, and even ‘Just Chatting’ will pull in upwards of 60,000 viewers. He was the most-watched streamer in 2021 and 2022, and is on pace to keep it up for a third year in a row.

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4: ibai – Followers: 13.1 million

Known for: Variety

Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos is known for originally casting League of Legends, but today streams a variety of content. Starting with LoL back in 2014, he was previously a content creator for G2 Esports, but has since moved on to form his own organization, KOI, alongside FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué.

3: Rubius – Followers: 14 million

Known for: Variety

The second-most followed non-English speaking streamer on Twitch, Rubius is also very well-known as a YouTuber, but his massive following also supports his live streams, too.

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2: Auronplay – Followers: 15.2 million

Auronplay on TwitchTwitch: Auronplay
Auronplay doesn’t have the most followers, but his viewership is often the highest on Twitch.

Known for: Variety

Like TheGrefg, Raul ‘AuronPlay’ Alvarez Genes has also exploded since 2020. A big GTA V streamer, AuronPlay has been one of the central Among Us content creators since it blew up. He bizarrely picked up a Twitch ban in September 2021, but it was reversed 20 minutes later.

1: Ninja – Followers: 18.5 million

Ninja most followed streamersTwitch: Ninja
Ninja is by far the most-followed streamer on Twitch.

Known for: Fortnite/Variety

Like Tfue, Ninja may not be dedicated to Fortnite anymore, but it’s certainly the game that helped him reach never-seen-before levels of popularity on Twitch. A former Halo pro, he now plays a variety of big titles and reclaimed his crown as the most-followed Twitch streamer.

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However, with the Fortnite boom well and truly over, Ninja’s stats for viewership did drop. On September 1, he announced that he was taking a break from the internet for an indefinite period of time. He’s back streaming regularly now, but does so to fewer viewers, meaning his follower count has stagnated somewhat. His top spot may not be safe.

* Note: Game/Company channels riotgames and esl_csgo omitted. Accounts that were Follow-botted, such as heelmike, are also omitted.

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So, there you have it, the 20 top Twitch streamers on the platform right now. These rankings will be updated biweekly as streamers gain more followers and move up (or down) the chart.

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