Who won MrBeast’s Squid Game? Netflix rendition goes viral

mr beast squid gameNetflix: Squid Game / MrBeast

MrBeast’s long-awaited Squid Game has finally been unleashed, pitting 456 contestants against each other for a massive $456,000 cash prize.

In November 2021, MrBeast promised fans a full-scale recreation of the Netflix cultural phenomenon, Squid Game. As someone who constantly delivers on their word in superfluous fashion, this promised to be a truly awe-inspiring re-do that would make Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk proud.

Here’s more on how to watch the remake, and the reception the massive project has received thus far.

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Who Won MrBeast’s Squid Game remake?

MrBeast tug of war squid gameYouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s sets for his Squid Game reenactment were nothing short of jaw-dropping – although they were decidedly less deadly than the show.

MrBeast’s Squid Game rendition finally aired on November 24, featuring a whopping 456 contestants in some elaborately designed sets that mirrored the hit Netflix show almost exactly.

The YouTuber’s version of events featured all of the classic games from the series, albeit with one major substitution for the final challenge in the form of musical chairs.

Number 079 ended up taking the $456,000 cash prize – although player 456 managed to stay alive right up until the final game.

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YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast gathered 456 people together to participate in a real-life rendition of Netflix’s Squid Game.

Just a few hours after being uploaded, MrBeast’s highly-anticipated Squid Game rendition has already garnered over 4.7 million views and counting, with comments full of praise for the creator’s latest high-flying project.

How to watch MrBeast Squid Game recreation

MrBeast smiling on Jimmy Kimmel LiveYouTube/Jimmy Kimmel
MrBeast is accustomed to making big moves in the limelight and this is no different.

MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation aired on Wednesday, November 24 at 4 pm EST on MrBeast’s YouTube channel. The new Squid Game mock featured “456 random people competing in exact recreations of every game.”

Ahead of its release, MrBeast shared some progress updates on the building of the massive set. He joked on Twitter that it was “costing more then I thought it would, but I’m in too deep to stop now.”

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However, from some reports, this really may be costing the Youtuber a serious amount of cash. According to MrBeast, the project’s budget cost a whopping $2 million, and participants were set to receive around $1.5 million in prizes.

In the original show that took over Netflix upon its debut, 456 players competed in various childhood game challenges for a massive grand prize of cash.

The superstar has given away houses, cars, and massive amounts of cash prior to this, so the sky’s the limit, really – and his Squid Game rendition is proof that there’s no challenge to great for MrBeast to tackle.

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