Charli D’Amelio stars in new Chase Hudson music video for ‘America’s Sweetheart’

Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson together in 'America's Sweetheart' music videoYouTube: LILHUDDY

TikTok star Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson has released a music video for his song ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ with ex-girlfriend Charli D’Amelio playing a starring dance role in the project.

Charli and Chase were once one of the most popular TikTok couples. They made things official back in 2020 and delighted fans of the pair with their growing relationship.

But later in April that year, the two stars decided to end things, announcing the split via Instagram posts in which Charli claimed they are “still close friends.” It’s not clear what the exact reason for the breakup was, but a month prior the Sway House claimed in a diss track that Chase was texting other girls while he was with Charli.

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Charli D'Amelio and Chase HudsonInstagram: charlidamelio
The couple made it official in February 2020.

Since then, some fans are convinced that there’s still something going on between Chase and Charli, even spotting their matching rings (though Chase claimed they were just friendship rings.)

Now the TikTokers have gotten very close to each other in the music video for Chase’s new song ‘America’s Sweetheart.’

Charli was able to showcase her powerful dancing to Lil Huddy’s emotional song. Among the lyrics are lines such as: “I don’t really give a sh*t if you stay/ I don’t really give a sh*t if you go/ I don’t really give a sh*t either way/ Either way, I feel alone,” and “here we are, I’m the bad guy/ And you’re America’s sweetheart.”

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While Chase has not explicitly stated who or what the song is about, Charli’s role in the video has caused many to believe the song is about their relationship.

The star also stated that “this one means everything to me,” making fans wonder what the meaning behind the lyrics are.

The response to the song from fans was definitely a positive one, with many commenting on how much Lil Huddy has grown, and praising Charli’s dancing skills.

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Although the pair got very close in the video, it’s not clear whether anything is happening between them off-camera.

Fans of Chase will no doubt be anticipating his next music endeavor after the success of this project with Charli.