Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete Miracles Take Time

Cassidy Stephenson
Disney Dreamlight Valley June update

Disney Dreamlight Valley has just received its fifth major update. Here’s how to complete The Remembering’s main quest. 

On June 7, 2023, DDV launched Update 5 – known as The Remembering. The full patch notes highlighted the arrival of the Cinderella Fairy Godmother and anticipated features like customizable furniture. 

Additionally, Update 5 introduced umbrellas and dressable mannequins. The Remembering also fixed several bug issues, like same-colored Passion Lilies in the Frosted Heights and oyster spawns in the Dazzle Beach. 

Notably, Update 5 also expanded the game’s main storyline. Here is our walkthrough on how to complete The Remembering’s quest surrounding the Fairy Godmother

How to complete Miracles Take Time in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to find the Fairy Godmother 

Fairy Godmother's House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First, head to the pumpkin house in the Forgotten Lands. Speak to her, and she’ll say that she encountered your shadow person. The Fairy Godmother then explains that the Forgotten stole the Orb of Remembrance and hid it among the other Memories in the Dreamscape.

Make five Purified Night Shards 

Disney Dreamlight Valley talking to Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother then requests five Purified Night Shards. To make the item, head to the nearest Crafting Station. It takes five Night Shards and one Dream Shard for each Purified Night Shard. Next, bring the five Purified Night Shares to Fairy Godmother. 

Head to the Dreamscape 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamscape with Fairy Godmother

After handing the Purified Night Shards to Fairy Godmother, she will meet you at a mountain in the middle of the Forgotten Lands. The rock then transforms into a mysterious treehouse. 

After arriving in the Dreamscape, Fairy Godmother will ask you to collect the Memory of Power, Love, and Courage from nearby pedestals. Next, speak to her and become the Forgotten to relive past memories. 

How to craft Hideous Bouquet 

How to craft Hideous Bouquet in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After becoming the Forgotten, you’ll arrive in a shadow version of the Peaceful Meadow. First, speak to Mickey, and he’ll ask you to make a Hideous Bouquet. You must pick five Ugly Flowers located across the Peaceful Meadow. 

Then, head to the Crafting Station by Goofy’s House to craft the Hideous Bouquet. Give the item to Minnie, and she’ll check in on you. 

How to make Nasty Bouillabaisse 

How to make Nasty Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Next, speak to Goofy to receive instructions on how to cook the Nasty Bouillabaisse. 

Find a Rotten Carrot behind Goofy’s House and a Rotten Tomato by the barrels. Both of the Rotten Clams are located by the lakes. Travel to the fire next to Goofy and place the ingredients in a cooking pot. You’ll have already obtained a Shrimp from Goofy. 

After giving the Nasty Bouillabaisse to Goofy, Minnie will talk to you again to tell you you’re loved. Then, collect the Memory of Friendship in the Dreamscape. 

Talk to Fairy Godmother to pass through the next gate. You’ll then arrive in a variation of the Glade of Trust. Speak to Mother Gothel – who will blame you for the Night Thorns and people losing their memories. 

How to find Jewel Encrusted Mirror 

Follow Mother Gothel to the Pillar of Trust and take out the Orb. She then asks you to fish for a Jewel Encrusted Mirror. You can find the item by the waterfall in a golden fishing spot. Afterward, Gothel tries to trap you in a tree, but bamboozles herself instead. 

Head back to the Dreamscape and pick up the Memory of Trust. Now, Fairy Godmother opens the next gate to the Sunlit Plateau. Speak to Scar to understand his thirst for power. He then orders you to crush eight flowers to weaken the Pillar’s energy. 

Where to plant the five Night Thorn seeds 

Later, Scar asks you to plant five Night Thorn seeds in three separate locations: By the Dreamlight Tree, waterfall, and Pillar. After planting them, water the Night Thorn seeds so they can grow. 

Like Mother Gothel, Scar tries to trick you, but you lock him away inside his cave. Next, speak to Merlin and learn that he’s worried about you. 

Return to the Dreamscape to collect the Orb of Remembrance. Next, you’ll meet the Forgotten and discover they want to rip a hole between the dark side and Dreamlight Valley. 

That’s the complete walkthrough of The Remembering’s Main Quest. Stay updated with our Disney Dreamlight Valley coverage for more Update 5 guides. 

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