Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to put out fires in the Forgotten Lands

Cassidy Stephenson

The fifth major update for Disney Dreamlight Valley has introduced various features. Finally, players can now extinguish the fires in the Forgotten Lands. Here’s how to do it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley launched Update 5 – The Remembering – on June 7, 2023. The anticipated content expansion introduced Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother as an available villager. The sandbox title also introduced customizable furniture and dressable mannequins.

Besides new features, The Remembering continued Dreamlight Valley’s main storyline. The quest involves players meeting The Forgotten and heading to the Dreamscape with Fairy Godmother.

Additionally, players can now put out the green flames in the Forgotten Lands. Here’s how to unlock the ability.

How to complete Fairy Godmother’s Fire Alarm quest

Fairy Godmother Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start Fairy Godmother’s ‘Fire Alarm’ quest, you must increase her to Friendship Level 2. If you don’t have her unlocked, check out our guide on obtaining the character. Then, the Fire Alarm quest will become available.

Listen to Fairy Godmother and Merlin’s conversation

Fairy Godmother needs your help to craft an enchantment to put out the green flames in the Forgotten Lands. She believes if they extinguished the fires, villagers would enjoy the Forgotten Lands more. Follow Fairy Godmother and listen to her conversation with Merlin for a solution – the Icy Enchantment.

Gather the required materials and craft the Icy Enchantment

Here are the needed ingredients for the Icy Enchantment:

  • Three Tourmaline
  • 15 Snowballs
  • Five Dream Shards
  • Five Purple Impatiens
  • One Empty Vial

Players can mine Tourmaline at Rock Spots in the Frosted Heights and the Sunlit Plateau.

For Snowballs, smash Ice Rocks in the Frosted Heights or dig in the ground. Kristoff’s Stall also sells the item.

You can find Dream Shards by digging cracked spots in the ground or removing Night Thorns. You can also collect them from feeding critters.

Purple Impatiens are located throughout the Forgotten Lands. Pick up five of them.

Head to a crafting station to make an Empty Vial. You’ll need three pieces of Glass for the recipe. Glass requires five piles of Sand and one Coal Ore to craft Glass.

With the required materials, craft the Icy Enchantment and use it in your inventory.

How to extinguish fires in the Forgotten Lands

After using the Icy Enchantment, your Royal Watering Can can put out the green flames. Fairy Godmother asks you to extinguish five fires in the Forgotten Lands. For each green fire, you receive Glass. Any chest engulfed in flames grants Star Coins or Furniture.

Speak to Fairy Godmother for the next step

After putting out the fires, speak to Fairy Godmother for her next instruction. She then requests more decorations for the Forgotten Lands to increase its appeal.

You will need to place the following items somewhere in the Forgotten Lands:

  • 25 Paths
  • Four Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
  • Three Seats

Next, talk to the Fairy Godmother next to a plant to complete her Fire Alarm Friendship Quest.

Now, you no longer have to walk around those pesky green flames. Check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley articles for more guides on Update 5.

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