Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Night Shards & what they are used for

Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Night Shards are the evil version of Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley but they’re equally difficult to find. Here’s how to get hold of Night Shards and what you need them for.

Disney Dreamlight Valley contains a multitude of quests to complete, with most asking for different resources. One of these resources is Night Shards, which can be tricky to find and can be relatively scarce throughout Dreamlight Valley.

However, once you know where to look and what it’s used for you can begin to plan accordingly by keeping them safely away in a chest. Here’s how you can get Night Shards and what you’ll need to use them for.

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Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft
Night Shards aren’t as demanded as Dream Shards but can still be tough to find.

What are Night Shards used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Night Shards are primarily used to complete quests. You will be asked to find them often but usually, it’s a smaller amount. Sometimes you will need to craft Purified Night Shards for a quest but that’s a rare occasion and shouldn’t be done as a common gift as it’s a waste of precious Dream Shards.

Thankfully, due to the smaller amount required for quests, you don’t need to hunt for Night Shards regularly. However, it’s always useful to have some in your inventory for when the time arises.

How to get Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The only way you can get Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to dig sparkling mounds in the ground with your Royal Shovel.

You can find the sparkling mounds dotted all around Dreamlight Valley and it’s worth noting that this resource isn’t tied to a specific location. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a Night Shard on every try, but you will always get some kind of reward. Keep trying and eventually, you’ll find plenty of Night Shards dotted about Disney Dreamlight Valley.

That’s how you can get hold of Night Shards and what you can use them for in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While hunting why not take a look at some of our other guides to help make your game a little easier?

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