Disney Dreamlight Valley: DreamSnaps patch notes – Vanellope, weekly challenges, & more

Cassidy Stephenson
Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps patch notes

Disney Dreamlight Valley has published the full patch notes for the DreamSnaps update – scheduled to release on July 19, 2023, at 9 AM ET.

The sandbox title launched its fifth major update – The Remembering – on June 7, 2023. The Remembering added new features for players to enjoy, such as dressable mannequins and customizable furniture.

Update 5 also introduced Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother as a villager and continued the game’s main storyline. Additionally, the game added the Peppermint Tea recipe to its growing collection of available dishes.

Unlike The Remembering, DreamSnaps is not a major update, but it still features new playable content for users to enjoy.

What’s in the Disney Dreamlight Valley: DreamSnaps patch notes

Disney Dreamlight Valley Vanellope

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnaps update includes the arrival of Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz. This means more Friendship Quests to complete and additional items to earn.

The patch also adds a new multiplayer feature – DreamSnaps – where players participate in weekly photo challenges for various prizes like Moonstones, furniture, and clothing.

To keep up with Vanellope, Disney Dreamlight Valley reduced hovering’s energy drain by 80 percent. Keep reading for the update’s full patch notes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: DreamSnaps patch notes

New content and improvements

  • Flex your creativity and compete in weekly, community-wide photo challenges with DreamSnaps! Each week, earn a variety of prizes for participating, including Moonstones, furniture, and clothing items! *** Please note: Touch of Magic Clothing and Furniture are not compatible with DreamSnaps and cannot be included in submissions in order to keep the feature a fun environment for all players. 
  • Vanellope loads into the Valley, bringing with her some sweet new Friendship Quests and items to earn! 
  • Keep up with Vanellope with more efficient hovering. The energy drain when hovering has been reduced by ~80%, giving you more bang for your energy buck! 
  • The video capture feature built into the Nintendo Switch hardware has been disabled, helping reduce the frequency of crash rates. The dev team is continuing to closely monitor this topic as they consider further changes to improve performance.  *** Please note: Video capture via capture card and screenshot capture on Switch are unaffected and will continue to function as expected. 
  • General stability has been improved on Nintendo Switch. We continue to explore further means of optimization for future updates. 
  • The inventory of Scrooge McDuck’s Store has received a slight rebalance to reduce the chance of duplicates appearing. This is a small, preliminary tweak as we investigate this topic further and look into changes that could be made for future updates. 

Top bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the game to hang at the initial loading screen for some Xbox players. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain bordered paths to display with flipped borders when placed. 
  • Fixed an issue in which certain item visuals and names did not match in Scrooge McDuck’s Store. 
  • Fixed an issue in which players were unable to hang out with Fairy Godmother. 
  • “The Remembered” quest: Fixed an issue in which players were unable to find The Forgotten after experiencing a game crash. 
  • “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops” quest: Fixed an issue which prevented players from giving the gathered materials to Fairy Godmother. 
  • “Hakuna Matata” quest: Fixed an issue that caused the Relaxing Oasis to disappear. 
  • “Sprouting a Story” quest: Fixed an issue which prevented progression in this quest if the Story Book was given to WALL·E in the Dazzle Beach or Glade of Trust biomes. 
  • “An Important Night at the Restaurant” quest: Fixed an issue which prevented the player from interacting with the Service Hatch. 
  • Fixed an issue in which Switch players would occasionally encounter a soft lock when attempting to exit Edit Mode after editing their Valley for an extended period of time. 
  • Fixed an issue in which Rapunzel’s Summer Sundrop Gown and the Swan-Feather Pearl Necklace would appear in the Touch of Magic tool. Please note, any custom designs made using these two items will be removed. 
  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation 4 in which the design print of certain t-shirts would transfer to newly-equipped t-shirts. 
  • Fixed an issue in which players were unable to track Quests from the Menu. 
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the player from changing their Avatar’s pose in Photo Mode when welcoming a new character to the Valley.  
  • Fixed an issue in which the wrong input is displayed on-screen during the fishing minigame. 
  • Fixed a rare game freeze that would occur on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 when signing out of PSN. 
  • Various localization fixes. 
  • Various visual and sound fixes. 
  • Various additional bug fixes, optimizations and performance stability improvements.

That’s everything you need to know about the DreamSnaps patch notes. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley page for more guides.