How to complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Quests

Halloween quest in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valleys Scar update introduced a plethora of new recipes, locations, and quest lines. One such collection of relatively hidden new quests are the Halloween quests. Here’s how to complete these brand-new challenges.

One thing Disney Dreamlight Valley seems to enjoy doing is giving players the name of the recipe or the quest and getting them to work out how to solve it. The idea adds a few puzzles into the game but can be rather frustrating for some players.

One such puzzle was introduced in the Halloween quests hidden within the Dreamlight tab under the menu. They give a name and no details on how to complete them. We’ve compiled how to complete all the new Halloween quests so you can get back to making friends with Scar.

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The Halloween quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween RewardsDisney / Gameloft

These are all the current Halloween quests, how to complete them and what rewards you can expect. For many, these quests are not rewarding players directly. Instead, head to the Decor tab under build and they will be waiting.

Trick or Treat

To complete the Trick or Treat Halloween quest, you’ll simply need to give one gift to ten villagers. They can be whatever you want to give them so no need to hunt around for their favorite gifts.

Rewards: Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Sugar Rush

While it’s not recommended to do this in real life, completing Sugar Rush involves cooking and eating a total of 45 candies.

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You’ll need a lot of coal and some Sugarcane, Cocoa Beans, or Vanilla to create this food.

Rewards: Happy Jack O’Lantern (15 Candies), Mischievous Jack O’Lantern (30 Candies), Friendly Jack O’Lantern (45 Candies)

A 3-Course Halloween Meal!

Now the 3-Course Halloween Meal is available, we know you need to head into the Plaza and search around for three buckets of sweets. They’re in cute Pumpkin buckets and using them will give you one sweet each.

Once you have all three, eat them and the quest will be complete.

Rewards: Green Trick or Treater’s Bounty

Villainy Wears Many Masks

The premise of the Villainy Wears Many Masks quest is easy enough but can be a little time-consuming if you don’t already have a mask.

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Essentially, all you need to do is equip a mask from your inventory. If you don’t have one check Scrooge’s shop or page three of the Star Path.

Rewards: Purple Trick or Treater’s Bounty

Stockpiling Pumpkins

The Stockpiling Pumpkins Halloween quest for Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you to plant and harvest 100 Pumpkins.

This is a little time-consuming but luckily they only take four hours to grow so can be done overnight or in a longer session.

Rewards: Pumpkin Stack

Those are all the new Halloween quests for Disney Dreamlight Valley and how you can complete them. While waiting for the Pumpkins to grow, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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