Best guns in Apex Legends Season 14: Ultimate weapon tier list

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It can be difficult to decide which weapons you should be picking up in Apex Legends considering how many options there are. But not all guns are built equal. Here’s our tier list of the best weapons to use in Apex Legends Season 14.

Although Season 14 didn’t add a new weapon to the mix, it did make some significant changes to the existing pool of weapons, with buffs, nerfs, additional attachments, and care package rotations.

The Volt is finally back on the ground along with the G7 Scout. Two weapons have taken their place. After dominating Apex Legends for a long while, the Rampage has been placed in the care package with only a 2 damage buff. Meanwhile, the Bocek got a few buffs and comes fully stocked with Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo.

A lot has changed since last season with ground loot weapons as well, considering the 30-30 and EVA got some serious buffs. In comparison to Season 13’s tierlist, a lot has moved around.

And, although it may be appealing to try and find the best guns in Apex Legends Season 14 when you can, sometimes, you’ll get stuck with a lower tier weapon. Knowing their pros and cons may get you out of a sticky situation.

Here are the best (and worst) guns in Apex Legends Season 14, tiered based on their strength. But first, a short introduction to our tier system and what each tier means about the weapons in it.

S-Tier: Must-take weapons

A-Tier: Top-tier early, mid, and late

B-Tier: Solid picks, are replaceable

C-Tier: Ok picks, never main guns

D-Tier: Just avoid these weapons

With that in mind, here is our ultimate Apex Legends weapon tier list for Season 14: Hunted, including which guns you should take every time & which you should leave in the loot bin.

S Tier

Kraber .50 CAL — Care Package Sniper

Kraber Apex Season 14

In the sniper category, the Kraber is the clear king. Even with it’s Season 13 nerfs, there’s no way the Kraber isn’t still an S-tier weapon.

Although it’s one-shot headshot potential has been reduced, the Kraber is still an unbelievably strong weapon. This bolt-action sniper does massive damage at pretty much any range. And, even if you miss the head, you’ll soften up opponents enough for a quick weapon swap or an assist from a teammate to easily confirm the kill.

Of course, it’s still only available in care packages, but, if you’re lucky enough to come across it, someone on your squad should take it. Even if you aren’t the best sniper, playing against someone who’s good with the Kraber can be an absolute nightmare.

Eva-8 Auto — Shotgun

EVA-8 Apex Season 14

After spending a few seasons on the bench, the EVA-8 is back and better than ever. Well, ok, it’s not quite as broken as it was in early seasons, but it’s finally worth picking up again.

Buffs to the EVA-8’s fire rate, the return of the Double Tap hop-up, and the stock attachment slot give the EVA its own identity as a shotgun that’s speedy in every way. It shoots fast, swaps fast, reloads fast, and goes through ammo fast.

Despite being the least ammo efficient Shotgun of the bunch, this weapon shreds targets fast enough that it won’t matter.

While it doesn’t have the 2-shot kill potential of the Mastiff and Peacekeeper, the forgiving nature of the EVA-8 puts it back into S-tier when it was easily C-tier last season. A triumphant return to form for one of Apex Legends’ OG weapons.

Mastiff — Care Package Shotgun

Mastiff Apex Season 14

This shotty’s power lies in its horizontal spread, combined with its lack of leg-shot drop-off. If you hit an opponent in the chest with the Mastiff, you could deal 104 damage. It can also scrape their heads with the spread, adding another 128 to the pile.

Having a consistent 2-shot kill that has above-average accuracy at range for a shotgun makes the Mastiff incredibly lethal at close range. Even with a 4 shot magazine and a somewhat slow rate of fire, the Mastiff’s close range prowess is unrivaled in Apex.

However, the fact that the Mastiff is so rare keeps it in line with the other Shotguns.

Peacekeeper — Shotgun

Peacekeeper Apex Season 14

The Peacekeeper is an incredibly popular Shotgun choice, and for good reason. Its high damage, accuracy at range, and incredibly satisfying 2-hit kills make it an incredibly potent option.

The EVA, Mastiff, and Peacekeeper are all in S-tier for a reason. They’re each good for their own reasons. The big difference for the Peacekeeper is how heavily it rewards accuracy. Being able to hit targets center mass while moving at breakneck speed is essential with this weapon.

If you’re calm and collected in the most hectic of close-range fights and can maintain a steady hand, the Peacekeeper is the Shotgun for you.

R-301 Carbine — Light Assault Rifle

R301 Apex Season 14

The R-301 has been an all-rounder since Apex Legends first dropped, and it’s remained that way ever since. Now that it’s out of the replicator and back on the ground, it’s an absolute blessing to find this rifle early on.

Good at close to medium-long range with the right optics, good hipfire, and one of the few weapons that takes all those purple barrel stabilizers people leave on the ground these days, the R-301 is never a bad option.

If you’re looking for the jack-of-all-trades weapon in Apex Legends, this is it.

Volt — Energy SMG

Volt Apex Season 14

The Season 6 submachine gun stormed into the Apex Legends meta at breakneck speed and hasn’t slowed down since. This weapon has always been one of the best SMGs in Apex Legends, and many players have rejoiced now that it’s back in the ground loot pool.

While it isn’t quite as strong as its care package counterpart, the Volt SMG’s great ironsights, strong rate of fire, and its incredibly accurate hipfire spread with a laser sight make this weapon strong at every point in the game.

This weapon may be out of the care package, but it’s still the king of SMGs.

G7 Scout — Light Marksman Rifle

Scout Apex Season 14

Now that it’s out of the care package, the G7 Scout has been made easily accessible at any point in the game. And it’s almost always worth picking up.

With a scope and some range between you and your target, the Scout’s ability to spam shots will annoy other squads to no end. It’s also extremely ammo efficient, a great quality for a Season 14 Light ammo weapon.

The white magazine upgrade takes the Scout from 10 ammo to 15, meaning that you don’t need the best attachments to give this weapon some massive upgrades. But, with a Double-Tap Trigger and the right scope, this weapon shreds mid-range targets at every point in the game.

VK-47 Flatline — Heavy Assault Rifle

Flatline Apex Season 14

The Flatline is one of the best Assault Rifles in Apex Legends in terms of raw damage output. Despite having some pretty awful ironsights and more recoil than the R-301, its Light ammo counterpart, the Flatline has a place in the S tier for a few reasons.

One of the key areas where the Flatline shines is its unchanging nature. Its recoil is solid, its damage is mid-range but good, and it boasts decent range for an assault rifle.

With the Spitfire being swapped to Light ammo, the Rampage being put in the care package, and the Wingman now taking Sniper ammo, Heavy ammo and mags are lying everywhere.

Picking up the Flatline will ensure you’re stocked up on ammo and attachments. Why fight over a few stacks of Light ammo when you can just run the Flatline?

Rampage — Care Package LMG

Rampage Apex Season 14

The latest Apex Legends LMG hits like a truck, but its slow rate of fire is its one downside.

The Rampage shines when you can find a Thermite Grenade to activate its passive. Revving the heavy LMG up changes its RPM from 300 to 390, and boy can you feel the difference. As long as you can feed Thermites into this hungry beast, it’s always going to be a strong power pick. And, now that it’s in the care package, a Thermite grenade comes packaged with it. Handy!

Despite being almost unchanged since being tossed in the care package for Apex Legends Season 14, the Rampage is still an S-tier, even as a care package weapon. The mag size, high damage, and low recoil make the Rampage impossible to pass on.

Bocek — Care Package Compound Bow

Bocek Apex Season 14

The Bocek Bow came into Apex Legends as a monstrous weapon, one that broke the meta and was an absolute terror in mid-range engagements. The Bocek being restricted to the care package has landed it a bit closer to its release state, along with some extra perks.

Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo don’t exist as floor pickups anymore. Instead, they just come stock standard with the Bocek. And, despite not being able to pick up arrows anymore, 80 arrows is more than enough to last though most games of Apex.

The near-silent and somewhat incognito nature of the Bocek combined with its base damage increase to 70 make it capable of outtrading other marksman weapons with ease.

A Tier

M600 Spitfire — Heavy Machinegun

Spitfire Apex Season 14

Now back to floor loot, and hit with some nerfs, you might wonder if the Spitfire is still as overpowered as it once was. The answer is… no. The Spitfire is a shell of its former self, ravaged by the Apex Legends Season 14 changes to the weapon.

But, even in this state, it’s still a solid A tier gun.

Where the Spitfire shines is its huge magazine and steady rate of fire. However, the recoil nerfs have made this weapon much more difficult to use at medium range, and the conversion to Light ammo has made running out of ammo a real issue with the Spitfire.

That huge mag won’t do much for you if you don’t have any Light ammo in the first place. However, this weapon’s consistent DPS and large magazine make it a solid option.

Wingman — Sniper Pistol

Wingman Apex Season 14

The Wingman has always been around the top of the Apex Legends meta, but it can be tricky to get full power out of; it’s a pistol that rewards pinpoint accuracy for players. We’re assuming you’re picking up the hard-to-handle handgun if you can land your shots ⁠— if not, maybe avoid it altogether.

Also, the Wingman isn’t nearly as ammo efficient as it used to be. The swap to Sniper Ammo means that, instead of just keeping a stack of 60 Heavy ammo on hand, you have to take up two inventory slots with Sniper ammo just to get 56 shots.

Though thoroughly nerfed, the Wingman is certainly worth picking up. Especially now that it has Skullpiercers. If your marksmanship is good enough, it’s hard to go wrong with having a Wingman at your hip.

30-30 Repeater — Heavy Marksman Rifle

3030 Apex Season 14

What the 30-30 does well, it does really well Its range, damage, and accuracy are all top-class, and, unless you’re face-to-face with an enemy, it’s usually a great pick.

If you can pair the Repeater with a shotgun, or something small and in a different ammo type like the R-99 or Volt SMG, you’ll be ready for almost any firefight.

Additionally, the wide availability of Heavy ammo, a slot for Skullpiercers, and Dual Shell now being built into the weapon with the Apex Legends Season 14 update make the 30-30 an incredible mid to long-range option. While it can out-DPS the G7 in the hands of a deadeye marksman, the G7’s ease of use and consistency do put the 30-30 a little lower on the list.

C.A.R. — Light/Heavy SMG

Designed to carry light or heavy ammo, and attachments from either gun line, the CAR is the perfect secondary weapon to stuff in your pocket to avoid those pesky moments when you’re starved of ammo.

While still a solid option, the CAR has a distinct disadvantage in comparison to the other SMGs. Having had its barrel attachment removed without the addition of a laser sight makes the CAR feel a bit underwhelming in comparison to last season.

It still has a leg up on something like the Alternator, but the CAR has gone from fighting for S-tier to hanging on to A-tier for dear life.

R-99 — Light SMG

R99 Apex Season 14

The R-99’s identity as an SMG that rains torrential gunfire is alive and well in Season 14 of Apex, with a few tweaks.

Laser sights are in, and barrel stabilizers are out. The R-99 is better up close than ever before, but a bit worse at engagements beyond 30 or so meters. Additionally, the sheer amount of Light ammo guns on the ground can make ammo usage a real problem.

The R-99 still shreds opponents like no other, and, despite some new pros and cons to this weapon in Season 14, it’s still a great SMG choice.

B Tier

Havoc — Energy Assault Rifle

Havoc Apex Season 14

The Havoc has had one hell of a comeback story. It was only meta in Apex Legends’ early days and a brief time in Season 4. Beyond that, this weapon was one of those guns you’d wince at having to use.

Now, after a series of buffs in Season 13, the Havoc has a new lease on life. Easily controllable recoil, extremely consistent hipfire, and a large mag size both stock and with an energy mag equipped, the Havoc is a worthwhile pickup at almost any point.

Yes, it’s much better with a Turbocharger. Much, much better. However, coming across a Turbocharger isn’t exactly common. Additionally, the Havoc being a craftable weapon now is a positive and a negative.

If you find a Turbocharger, crafting the Havoc is a no-brainer. But, if you can’t find a place to craft this weapon, you won’t be able to get your hands on it. Not to mention the attention that crafting draws.

With the amount of hoops you have to jump through to bring the Havoc up to being an S-tier weapon, it belongs in B-tier.

Prowler Burst PDW — Heavy SMG

Prowler Apex Season 14

The Prowler is a deadly weapon that can shine bright if you’re lucky enough to scoop one in the early game. However, it does have some value late if you decide to hold onto it.

Where the Prowler is best is its damage and rate of fire, combined with its incredible hipfire accuracy with a laser sight. If you can land a five-shot burst onto your enemy, you’ll be dealing 75 damage ⁠— hit twice, and that’s a down on a white shielded enemy.

The fact that the Prowler takes Heavy ammo makes staying stocked up pretty easy with this weapon, and, if it weren’t for the Prowler’s burst pattern, it’d be an easy A-tier weapon.

However, using this SMG outside of close range is endlessly frustrating. The 5 round burst pattern feels horrible at anything past 50-60 meters, and makes this weapon a less attractive option than most other SMGs.

Alternator — SMG

Alternator Apex Season 14

The Alternator has always struggled to shine behind its big brothers the R-99 and R-301 in the Light class, but there’s a time and a place for the slow-firing SMG. In fact, the Alternator actually does the same damage per bullet as the R-99.

Good hipfire, a slow-yet-consistent rate of fire, and some incredible ironsights make this weapon an incredible early pickup. And, on top of that, a laser sight essentially makes this weapon feel like it’s straight out of Halo or Counter-Strike: aiming is optional.

Its high damage for bullet also makes it much easier to get a kill without reloading, making this weapon a great choice for new Apex players who struggle with high recoil weapons like the R-99.

Devotion —  Energy LMG

Devotion Apex Season 14

The Devotion has been released from the crafting rotation, and it’s… still the Devotion. Certainly not the best weapon in Apex Legends, but a weapon that does have a place in the game.

This energy LMG is probably the deadliest weapon in the game if you can get it firing on all cylinders. It boasts a monster 255 damage per second, but only if you can keep its recoil under control.

Barrel stabilizers are more common these days, however, and there’s some real value in taking this weapon if you can find a Turbocharger. With King’s Canyon rotating out of being the main ranked map soon, there will be a lot more close-range opportunities to make this gun shine.

A-tier with a Turbocharger, C-tier without. Putting this gun right in B Tier makes sense.

RE-45 — Light Pistol

RE45 Apex Season 14

The RE-45 is in a weird place right now. It has high DPS, and a good use-case as a hot swap pistol for sticky situations. A high rate of fire, incredibly accurate hipfire, and additional damage to shields with Hammerpoints make the RE-45 fantastic as a secondary.

The RE-45 is a great floor weapon for the early game, and its generally small mag size of 16 doesn’t matter so much in early fights, especially considering this pistol’s speedy reload.

Now that this weapon is off the crafting rotation, its early power has a lot more impact. Finding one of these early on can be a blessing.

The addition of a laser sight and the fact that you can get Hammerpoints via crafting a P2020 put this gun very, very close to A-tier. If this weapon had a little more range and versatility, it’d be an easy A-tier choice. But, for now, it’s still a great B-tier weapon.

Hemlok — Heavy Assault Rifle

Hemlok Apex Season 14

The Hemlok may be passed over by many players for its full-auto S-Tier cousins like the R-301 and the Flatline, but do not underestimate it.

The burst rifle boasts two modes, three-shot and single. Both can be fantastic, with the long-ranged single-shot option helping you conserve ammo as you poke away at your rivals, and the burst giving you the firepower you need up close.

The Hemlok isn’t the easiest weapon to use, but it’s very strong at mid-range.

Well-placed Hemlok shots can down targets surprisingly fast considering its high base damage of 20, making this a great mid-range option if you can’t get your hands on a 30-30 or a Scout, or if you’re looking for something that has a little more power up close.

Charge Rifle — Sniper Rifle

Charge Rifle Apex Season 14

When the Charge Rifle landed in World’s Edge in Season 3, there was nothing better. Its long energy beams could carve teams up with ease, and if you didn’t find cover quickly you could be melted before you were able to return a shot.

After two whopping nerfs, however, the Charge Rifle slipped a little in usefulness, and the Winter of the Beam Shot came to an end. But there’s still a strong use-case for this unique sniper.

While it runs through ammo quickly and gives away your position immediately, having the power of hitscan on your side can be game-winning.

Longbow DMR — Sniper Rifle

Longbow Apex Season 14

The Longbow is an incredibly powerful and consistent Marksman rifle, one that’s worth picking up now more than ever. Barrel stabilizers are everywhere, Sniper ammo is more plentiful than ever, and Skullpiercers reward players that take the time to go for headshots.

Even without a scope, the iron sights provide a clear view. And, with 55 damage a shot, it will easily put down most targets with a few solid hits. Additionally, Skullpiercers will give this Marksman rifle a real edge. The ability to 2-shot headshot an enemy gives the Longbow an incredibly low TTK.

This weapon isn’t quite as fast to fire and versatile as the G7 Scout and 30-30, but it’s still a worthwhile pickup.

L-Star — Energy LMG

LStar Apex Season 14

With the Rampage in the care package, the Devotion being relegated to a craft-only weapon, and the Spitfire getting some big nerfs, the LMG category is hurting right now. However, after receiving some big buffs, the L-Star has climbed its way up the LMG ladder.

Is it still the worst LMG? Yes, but the L-Star isn’t nearly as far off as it used to be. Now that it can shoot 24 shots before overheating, the L-Star still has a unique place in Apex as a weapon that (in theory) never has to reload.

Unfortunately, the L-Star still comes with a big caveat in the form of running through ammo and not having any spare ammo come along with it when you first pick it up.

The L-star is great in a lot of ways, but a gun isn’t worth much if you don’t have ammo for it. The amount of time it takes to hoard enough energy ammo to make the L-star worth running confines it to B-tier.

C Tier

Triple Take — Energy Marksman Rifle

Triple Take Apex Season 14

The Triple Take is a weapon with a lot of potential. It can do a lot of damage, it can be easier to use in close quarters than other DMRs, and it can be very powerful in the right hands.

However, the Triple Take rarely lives up to its potential. With the G7, 30-30, and Longbow all receiving buffs, this gun feels like its been left in the dust. Kinetic Feeder doesn’t help much either considering that charging a long-range weapon by sliding feels counterintuitive.

The Triple Take is fine. It’s hard to get excited about coming across a this weapon on the ground.

Mozambique — Shotgun

Mozambique Apex Season 14

The Mozambique isn’t a great gun. It’s easily the worst shotgun in Apex in most situations, but it also gets a bad rap. Its various buffs combined with the addition of Hammerpoint rounds create some actual reasons to hold onto the Mozam.

There’s hope for the ‘bique yet.

It cleared the P2020 after its Legacy buffs, which increased its magazine capacity from a meager four, up to six. Hammerpoint rounds have also given the Mozambique a use-case as a quick swap shotgun to finish off low targets. 80 damage per shot on targets with their shields broken is nothing to scoff at.

The Mozam’s best and worst traits are bundled into one with its long range. Four 15-damage pellets in a tight spread give this Shotgun deceptively long range, but also make it surprisingly unwieldy at close range. Hipfiring with this thing is completely unreliable, but ADSing also feels off.

The Mozambique is a bit bizarre and difficult to use, but not entirely worthless.

Sentinel — Sniper Rifle

Sentinel Apex Season 14

With the G7 and 30-30 hitting the top of the tier list and the Longbow getting Skullpiercer rounds, there’s legitimately no point in picking up the Sentinel unless you absolutely have to.

It’s impossible to get a 2-shot kill on a purple shield or higher without a headshot, it gets out-DPSed but almost every weapon in the game, and it doesn’t have the same hitscan power as the Charge Rifle. If it wasn’t for the Sentinel coming with Deadeye’s Tempo built-in for Season 14, it’d be an easy choice for D-tier.

Bolt action snipers are incredibly satisfying and fun to use, which is why it hurts to put the Sentinel so low. But every other option is just flat-out better. Leave this gun where it belongs: On the ground.

D Tier

P2020 — Light Pistol

P2020 Apex Season 14

The D-tier is feeling real lonely, with only the P2020 down here. By itself. All alone.

Even with Hammerpoint rounds and a laser sight, it’s really hard to justify holding on to this pistol. The highest praise that can be levied toward the P2020 is that it does, in fact, function. It’s, for sure, better than throwing bullets at your enemies. But not by much.

Joking aside, even with the P2020 being a subpar weapon, it can still dish enough damage to take down targets if you have a fast trigger finger. It’s certainly not an unusable weapon. But is it worth crafting?

The most you’ll see of the P2020 is people crafting it to put Hammerpoint Rounds on their RE-45.

Remember, this tier list is subjective and subject to change depending on future updates with weapon buffs and nerfs.

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