How to use the CAR SMG in Apex Legends: Tips, damage stats & DPS

Alex Garton
C.A.R. SMG Apex Legends guide

The CAR SMG is greatly effective in Apex Legends and the deadly close-quarter weapon has proven to be a challenging weapon for opponents to deal with for the longest time.

The Apex Legends meta is always changing as Repsawn are constantly tinkering with weapons and their respective attachment to ensure the game remains competitive and varied.

Whereas Legends like Newcastle and Vantage tried to change up the character pool and play havoc with the game’s established pick rates, the CAR SMG remains a constant choice for players to latch onto.

Here’s how the CAR SMG performs with different attachments and the best ways to use it in the middle battle royale.


Apex Legends CAR SMG damage stats

CAR SMG Apex Legends

When attempting to master any weapon in Apex, it’s important you familiarize yourself with the gun’s damage stats, as it will give you an indication of which gunfights you can win, and when it’s best to retreat.

In comparison to the Volt, the CAR has a significantly faster rate of fire, making it lethal if you manage to hit all of your shots. Not only that, it’s incredibly strong at close range when hip-fired, making it a solid choice in high-pressure situations.

Its hip-fire stats can also be given a ginormous boost if you are able to find and apply the Laser Sight attachment that was introduced during Apex Legends Season 14.

Despite this, the gun does have a hefty recoil pattern, so it will take some time in the Firing Range to get used to the kickback.

Damage-wise, the CAR does fall slightly short when compared to the Volt, but it makes up for it with its fire rate.

Body Part Damage
Head 20
Body 13
Leg 10

CAR SMG hop-ups

While the CAR SMG doesn’t have any hop-ups players can use to increase the gun’s power, it does have a special ammo feature that sets it apart from other weapons.

The CAR is capable of using both Light and Heavy ammunition, and while the ammo type doesn’t affect the gun’s damage, it does make inventory management significantly easier.

Not only that, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be scrambling to find ammo before a gunfight, so it’s perfect who find there always short on bullets.

CAR SMG optics

Valkyrie Season 11 skin CAR
The CAR SMG has a variety of optics to choose from

Here are the scopes that can be equipped for the CAR SMG:

  • 1x Holo
  • 1x HCOG “Classic”
  • 2x HCOG “Bruiser”
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo
  • Digital Threat

CAR SMG tips & tricks

1. Master the hefty recoil pattern

CAR SMG zipline Apex Legends

While the CAR isn’t immensely difficult to control, it does have a more significant recoil pattern than the Volt, so it may take a few matches to get used to the kickback.

If you want to jump into your games and begin dominating the competition from the start, then it’s key you make use of the Firing Range.

Practice landing shots on the targets with the SMG and make sure you’ve fully grasped the recoil before going up against real players.

That way, you can ensure you’ll be performing at your best and you can focus on exploring the Storm Point map without the risk of missing your shots.

2. Make use of the CAR’s lethal hip-fire

CAR SMG slide Apex Legends
The CAR SMG has deadly hip-fire, so make use of it!

With an extremely fast fire rate, the CAR is powerful at close-quarters, so it’s essential you make use of the gun’s deadly hip fire.

While ADSing a target is useful at long distances, in high-pressure gunfights at close range, it’s usually better to hip-fire and jump around to avoid being shot.

This makes the CAR perfect for this playstyle, so if you’re the type of player that enjoys pushing your opponents and playing aggressively, the new SMG will always be a strong pickup.

3. Be less conservative with ammo

Apex Legends CAR reload
The CAR SMG can use both Light and Heavy ammunition.

For a lot of Apex players, finding the correct ammo type can be a struggle and will often cause them to switch between multiple guns throughout a match.

Well, the CAR’s ability to take both Light and Heavy ammunition makes it extremely versatile and ideal for newer players who often find themselves running out of bullets.

Not only that, it opens up more space in your inventory for other consumables as well as grenades, so consider using the CAR if you regularly run out of ammo.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the new CAR SMG. If you follow these tips & tricks, you’ll be tearing down enemies at close range in no time.

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