ImperialHal names the best weapons in Apex Legends Season 20 after R-99 nerf

Connor Bennett
ImperialHal Apex Legends

TSM star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has highlighted the best weapons to use in Apex Legends Season 20 after the popular R99 SMG was hit with a pretty big nerf. 

With the start of Apex Legends Season 20, Respawn made a fair few health changes to their popular battle royale. They didn’t add a new Legend, but legend upgrades – which give you the chance to change a character’s ability – were brought into the mix. 

There was also a massive round of weapon balancing too, with the ultra-popular R99 going under the knife. The SMG has been a staple since the early days of Apex and was a key part of the ‘R400’ loadout alongside the R301 assault rifle that many players – casual and professional – ran as a crutch. 

In Season 20, the R99’s vertical and horizontal recoil while aiming down sight were increased in a significant way, which makes it even wilder to use than before. That has led to some players searching for something new to use. 

ImperialHal picks best weapons in Apex Legends Season 20 

Well, that’s where TSM IGL ImperialHal comes in, as the two-time ALGS MVP has picked out the best guns for Season 20 to take the place of the R99. 

“The best guns, IMO, right now: Hemlok, Nemesis, Flatline,” Hal said, answering one fan’s request for an R99 replacement. “For SMGs, Prowler or Volt. R99 is absolutely terrible, do not use the R99. CAR is still like alright but Volt and Prowler are better. 

“The 30-30 is still good to use and that’s pretty much it, honestly. Havoc too. Havoc and like Prowler, Havoc and Volt is also really good. That thing is busted right now too.”

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While Hal believes the R99 shouldn’t be touched, some players are still going to find comfort in using it – just because of how long it has been around. 

If it falls completely out of favor, however, the SMG could get rebalanced at some point and return to its former glory somewhat. Though, we’re not counting on that happening anytime soon.