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Best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 9: Ultimate tier list

Published: 5/May/2021 19:12 Updated: 5/May/2021 19:20

by Nick Farrell


The release of Season 9 of Apex Legends has added yet another Legend into the mix. Now, with 17 Legends to choose from, it can be tricky to find out which ones reign supreme. Here’s who you should opt for within the latest Season of Apex! 

Respawn Entertainment has done a marvelous job at keeping their battle royale fresh every season. Whether this comes in the form of adding a new map or Legend into the mix as they have done with the release of Valkyrie.

The new Season has also implemented some meta changes for current Legends, and there has been an ample amount of debate into who are the best of the best now.


So, we decided to rank all 17 Legends within Apex Legends based on their performance within Season 9. The list will follow a ‘tier’ structure so that you can get a better understanding of how certain Legends fare compared to others.

Best Apex Legends characters


Respawn Entertainment

Since the release of Apex Legends almost a year and a half ago to this day, Wraith has undoubtedly been one of the best Legends each season. This is in large part due to her ability to create chaos on the battlefield with her abilities.

Whenever you and your squad are engaging in team battles, you will often find Wraith sneaking into the backlines or trying to flank her opponents with her Tactical Ability ‘Into the Void’. This enables Wraith to seemingly avoid all damage while getting a better position on the enemies you are battling.


Wraith continues to be at the top of the Apex realm, and it is hard to conceive that she will drop below ‘S’ tier moving ahead.


Respawn Entertainment

Season 6 changes pushed Bloodhound up a tier, whereas they used to be a ‘middle of the pack’ Legend. The Season 4 buff to their Beast of the Hunt ability was, and still is, a massive plus. In Season 5, they were given another buff, with a shorter cooldown on the tactical ‘Eye of the Allfather’.

Bloodhound was one of the only Legends to barely receive any changes with the release of Season 9; so we do not really see any point in moving them down a tier because of this. They are still as strong as ever when it comes to team composition and scouting out enemies.


Having a Bloodhound on your squad enables you to get recon of upcoming areas, which can be an evident factor in who is going to win the battle. We do expect Respawn to closely examine Bloodhound’s abilities within the near future, as the changes made to characters such as Horizon and Octane seem to raise their stock even more going forward.


Respawn Entertainment

While we have seen support Legends such as Lifeline fall down a tier, Gibraltar has not received any changes for the new season, and thus, we do not see a reason to move him down.

Support characters are the backbone of your team, and Gibraltar has encompassed a new role within teams thanks to the ample amount of buffs the developers have laid upon him.


His Ultimate ability has enough potential damage to zone the enemy away, and the Dome Shield can be a lifesaver for not just you, but your whole team. You do have to watch out for enemies using it too, though, as there’s nothing stopping them from getting inside.

Overall, Gibraltar is much better these days, but he’s still a big, tanky character who is hard to miss. Some players will definitely find a more nimble character beneficial. With that said, he’s a powerful asset on any team.


Respawn Entertainment

Having a Lifeline on your squad can literally be a lifesaver during certain moments, as she shines in supportive abilities during matches of Apex Legends. A new change within Season 9 for her withdraws the shield players would once deploy via her D.O.C drone when reviving teammates. This has unfortunately dipped the Support in the scale of Legends, as you can no longer revive someone and not worry about them.


As well, Lifeline features one of the best Ultimate Abilities in the form of her Care Package. Having the chance to capture a Legendary or Epic piece of equipment can be the deciding factor in a lot of Apex matches, and she bolsters some of the strongest Abilities within the game still.


Image of Horizon posing with a backdrop behind her

Horizon has been one of the most prominent Legends since she was introduced. Her ability to scope out the map via her Gravity Lift and pinpoint enemies’ locations was one of the glaring positives to her role within previous Seasons.

Now, we have seen multiple nerfs to how her abilities function for Season 9. Wattson’s pylons are now a direct counter to all of Horizon’s abilities, along with numerous changes to her Gravity Lift.

Players will experience reduced acceleration speed from side to side when using this ability, along with an overall 30% lower lift speed and a five-second increased cooldown between uses. Horizon is still one of the best characters within the game, but the recent changes to her see her finally drop out of the ‘S’ tier, but should be a popular pick still.


Respawn Entertainment

You think that a Legend with the ability to cover the Battlefield with smoke grenades would normally be at the top of any Apex Legends tier list. But, in the case of Bangalore, she has been flying under the radar since the game was released.

Now, Respawn has adjusted the thickness of her smokes, as they have increased the overall layout of how players view these grenades; allowing for increased coverage of areas that Bangalore throws her grenades.

With the nerfs to movement-based characters such as Octane, we can expect her to be a viable pickup within the new season. As she does have the ability to gain increased movement speed thanks to her Double Time ability. Combining this with the increased smoke grenade density, we expect Bangalore to be played more than ever.


Valkyrie apex legends season 9
Where do you think Valkyrie ranks among other Legends?

The latest to join the roster is Valkyrie, the high-flying Legend kinda reminds us of Pharah from Overwatch, as they both offer the ability to reign fire down on their opponents from up in the sky.

Her Ultimate Ability is Skyward Dive; which enables you and your teammates to launch a cohesive attack on enemies from within the air.

While she has just released into the game, her abilities seem functional for certain scenarios. But, we do have concerns about how effective she will be when you are battling a team close quarters as you will not be able to get much separation within the air when this happens.

But, for now, we are confident in placing Valkyrie solidly in the ‘A’ tier among Legends, and we can assume Respawn is going to examine how effective her abilities are over the course of Season 9.


Added in Season 4, Revenant has had ups and downs in the Apex meta. Currently, he’s getting better and better, and is a common sight in Ranked play.

Where this deadly Simulacrum Assassin shines is his Ultimate ability, which allows him (and his teammates) to escape death temporarily.

His Passive ability, Stalker, allows him to crouch walk faster and climb higher up walls. However, Respawn perhaps overlooked that this ability pales in comparison to someone like Pathfinder or Horizon. These two can scale pretty much any building, of any height, instantly.

Revenant’s Tactical, Silence, is incredibly powerful on paper. It deals a portion of damage and prevents all enemy abilities. But, it only works for 20 seconds, after which the enemy squad can use their abilities as they would normally. Perhaps this needs a buff, to reset charges on abilities instead.

We did not see any changes to Revenant for Season 9; but Respawn has commented on the Legend, noting that they are going to change certain aspects of him later down the line. So, we see no reason to adjust his spot on the list, as he can still prove viable in most scenarios.


Respawn Entertainment

The speedy trickster that is Octane is another Legend that has received an ample amount of changes heading into the ninth Season of Apex Legends. The developers have expressed their concerns with how often players use his Stim Shots, and this has been addressed since the Season released.

On the note of Octane’s Stim Shots, players will now receive 20HP damage when using one, as opposed to the previous 12HP. They have to be careful when using their Stim Shots even with the reduced cooldown time of one second.

Nevertheless, we still expect Octane to be a popular Legend within Season 9 of Apex Legends. The deciding factor for placing him a tier down this Season is due to the fact that we do not know how viable he will be in certain scenarios. No longer are players going to be able to get out of dodge harm-free anymore, but his mobility around the map is still unquestionably one of the best.


Respawn Entertainment

Wattson is a great team-based Legend, and in the right hands, can be deadly too. Her Ultimate ability destroys enemy throwables and allows a squad to hold down a position. Similar to Caustic, she also has great zone control.

Combined with her Perimeter Security traps, if you’re playing as a team, Wattson can be a great squadmate to have. However, she can’t be placed any higher on this list because as a solo player, she certainly isn’t the best pick.

Respawn has adjusted some aspects of the character for the new season, as she no longer possesses the Low profile trait. While on the flip side, her pylons are now a direct counter to all of Horizon’s abilities; making it ever so sweet when you run into one during a match.

Wattson is a Legend we do not often see as much as we would like, and perhaps this is due to other support characters such as Gibraltar and Bangalore propelling in the rankings as of late.


Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder was one among the best Legends to use within the game, but previous changes to his movement speed have seen him fall to the ‘B’ tier of Legends. But, with Octane also receiving significant nerfs this season, he looks to go head to head with him for the best movement-based character.

The Grapple can still be used to make a quick escape or to push up on weak opponents before they get the chance to heal. But, now, Wraith – or even Loba – might be better to make those quick escapes. In fact, Mirage’s Rework might be another reason for Pathfinder’s decline, as those pesky decoys are very useful.

His movement is still unrivaled on paper, and the Zipline Ultimate works similarly to the Wraith’s portal, getting your team out of a tight spot, or to get to hard-to-reach locations. Of course, enemies can also use it, so you need to watch your back.


Respawn Entertainment

Caustic is a big Legend physically, and nerfs to his abilities have pushed him out of the upper tiers.

His mines were at the receiving end of some significant changes during the Chaos Theory update, and players have been picking him less and less since. But, there are still some upsides to using him, as these mines are still annoying whenever you run into one.

The ‘thickness’ of his gas was also reduced, making it much easier for enemies to see through. Caustic is still powerful in the right hands, but with no changes this season; it is hard to justify a rank up to the ‘A’ tier.


Loba is one of the select Legends that did receive some significant changes for the new Season. As when she was first implemented into the game she was a hot commodity. but since dipped in popularity and effectiveness because of multiple nerfs.

Respawn has adjusted her Burglar’s Best Friend ability, as players will be able to slide/move and shoot at the full speed when the bracelet is equipped. A significant change that should see fans flock to her more than in Season 8.

But, on the flip side, they did increase the cooldown for her Black Market Boutique from 90 seconds to 120 seconds; but this is not that big of a deal compared to the grand scheme of it all. Loba is an interesting Legend within the game still, as she could very well move into the ‘A’ tier soon enough, but for now, we think she is comfortably a ‘B’ tier Legend.


Respawn Entertainment

Mirage started off life in Apex Legends as a very underpowered character. His Ultimate ability was pretty useless, and his Tactical felt a bit gimmicky compared to many of the others.

Not receiving any changes this season, his place on the battlefield is one that Respawn seems to still be figuring out. While his decoys did receive a buff last season, it is hard to justify placing Mirage in the same tier as Octane and Pathfinder anymore.

Especially with the introduction of Valkyrie, whose Missile Swarm ability seems to be a direct counter to Mirage’s army of clones. We are not sold on Respawn claiming Mirage is ‘super strong’, but we will leave that judgment up to you over the course of Season 9!


Respawn Entertainment

Crypto can actually be one of the best Legends in the game – but only when used by skilled Crypto players. For the majority, you’ll be better with a more explosive character. With team coordination, the Surveillance Expert has the potential to be great. He predominantly suffers from the rest of the team constantly pushing it and being outnumbered, but coupled with a great team he can be a great support legend.

In Season 9, they have added the ability for Crypto’s drone to hack enemy care packages, while negating the feature allowing you to ‘hijack’ a Respawn Beacon. His Ultimate, the EMP blast, can be useful but only if you time it expertly, meaning it is a much less useful ability in general gameplay than most others, and unlike many, it’s not going to help you get a free kill. The Ultimate is also greatly useful for scouting ahead, and to break shields.

Unless we see more buffs to Crypto’s overall loadout, it is hard to justify his position at any higher tiers on our list. But, we are hopeful these changes could be coming soon later down the line.


Fuse in Season 8

Fuse joined in Season 8, and has some very strong abilities on paper. Being able to stack two grenades per slot, and then slingshot them out, means he can deal a ridiculous amount of explosive damage, very fast.

Respawn has adjusted Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster this Season, as he now holsters two and has a reduced cooldown between each one of 20 seconds. As well, they have noted that they are going to be making more changes to Fuse in the near future but they “want to be very careful how we buff him so that he doesn’t just become the Legend that kills you with his abilities.”

So, expect Fuse to make a jump in the near future to the ‘B’ tier of Legends, as Respawn seems committed to enhancing the usage of the Fuse.


Image of Rampart posing with a backdrop behind her

Season 6’s Quick Witted Modder, Rampart, has potential. But, unfortunately, you need too much notice to make the most of this legend. A defensive Legend primarily, she is able to create multiple heavily armored protective barriers. This sounds great on paper, but in action, often falls short.

In Season 8, Respawn gave Rampart some much-needed buffs. Shiela now has a wider angle of firing, and the Amped Cover get 45 health while building. Is it enough to make her a strong pick though? No. Even though players were not adequate with the changes last season, devs have not adjusted her anymore for Season 9.

Her ultimate leaves you vulnerable to flanking, and even with the extra health, placing down the Amped Cover mid-fight will still get destroyed in seconds. This means that in general, Rampart has been floundering as the lowest pick rate legend in Apex.

If you are set up in time for a fight, though, there is a good chance for a great advantage with her. Unfortunately, that is something that doesn’t happen as much as being ambushed does. Because of this, her inconsistency places her down in the C-Tier.

That’s our current ranking of the characters in Apex Legends – but this list will change as future updates happen and new Legends are added over the course of the game’s lifecycle.

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