Who is Alter in Apex Legends? Season 21 Legend & abilities

Philip Trahan
an image of Alter in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is adding a new Legend for Season 21: Alter. Here’s everything we know about the character, including her abilities.

Apex Legends introduced a bunch of changes to the battle royale’s formula through Season 20, but fans were left disappointed by the lack of a new Legend.

Season 21 fulfills that wish with Alter, a Legend that makes use of portals and the Void similar to Wraith. But what does her entire kit look like? Here’s a complete breakdown of Alter’s abilities and release date in Apex Legends.

an image of Alter's ultimate in Apex Legends
Alter’s ultimate creates a one-way portal.

Alter’s abilities in Apex Legends

Passive – Gift from the Rift

Alter’s passive ability known as “Gift from the Rift” helps you loot an item from distant deathboxes remotely.

This is very useful when you want to swap a weapon or loot an extra Shield Battery, but don’t want to be involved in another fight. However, you cannot loot Shield Core for your armor from these deathboxes.

Tactical – Void Passage

Void Passage creates a portal through surfaces like a wall or ground. It saves you the time to break through doors, especially when an enemy is blocking it.

You can utilize Alter’s tactical in various ways and even combine it with other Legends’ abilities to catch enemies off guard.

Ultimate – Void Nexus

Alter’s ultimate, Void Nexus, creates a one-way portal by dropping a device and works similarly to how Ash’s ultimate works.

The only difference is your teammates can use it too. Upon using the portal, Void Nexus will bring you back to the location where the device was initially dropped.

Though it’s unclear exactly how this ability works, it may be safe to assume it functions similarly to portals in games like Portal or Splitgate. This means that Alter could effectively ‘tunnel’ through surfaces or objects through their tactical.

When will Alter release in Apex Legends?

Alter will release with Apex Legends Season 21 on May 7, 2024.

The new season also brings Solos back to the game as the last time players got to play that mode was back in Season 2.

Broken Moon has been revamped with new POIs and Quarantine zone. Apex Artifacts are also a new addition which are basically universal Mythic Melee Cosmetics and you can equip them on any Legend and in any mode.

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