Who is Ballistic in Apex Legends? Ballistic’s Abilities, release date, lore

Joe Craven
ballistic in apex legends

Apex Legends has finally revealed Ballistic as the new legend joining in Season 17, but who is he and what are his abilities? Here’s everything we know about Ballistic in Apex Legends.

Season 16 of Apex Legends didn’t add a new Legend, and instead completed an overhaul of the Legend classes.

But, Respawn assured players that a new Legend would be added on Season 17, and it’s now been confirmed as Ballistic, an older character who is joining in place of his son.

But, who is Ballistic in Apex Legends? Here’s everything we know so far.

Ballistic revealed in Apex Legends Season 17

First revealed in the Stories from the Outlands trailer, Ballistic’s real name is August Montgomery Brinkman. He’s a 63-year-old veteran of the games, competing as a younger man in the ‘Thunderdome Games’ – the precursor to Apex.

He later retired and became a recluse, after his brother-in-law died in the games, and Ballistic blamed himself and his arrogant ways.

But, when he discovered his son was set to join the Apex games, Ballistic took his place, vowing that if he was allowed to compete, his son would never be permitted to join. This was much to the anger of his son, Nathaniel, but Ballistic believes he’s doing the right thing.

Ballistic’s abilities in Apex Legends

In the gameplay trailer, we got a first look at Ballistic’s abilities in action. These abilities have since been revealed, showcasing Ballistic’s prowess as the newest Assault character to join Apex Legends.

Ballistic’s abilities are as follows:

Passive – Sling

Store a third weapon in the sling. Access via inventory or character utility action. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.

Tactical – The Whistler

Shoots a projectile that heats up an enemy’s gun as they shoot. Overheating causes damage. Hold the Tactical ability to lock-on. If the bullet misses the target, it will remain in the world and create a zone that will apply the same overheat debuff to any enemy who walks into it.

Ultimate – The Tempest

Nearby teammates get faster reloads, faster armed move speed, and infinite ammo. The weapon in Ballistic’s Sling will also be upgraded to gold.

When will Ballistic release in Apex Legends?

Ballistic will release on May 9, 2023 with Season 17 of Apex Legends.

There is no new map for this season, instead, World’s Edge is being updated. Alongside this, the firing range is receiving a major update, and ranked will be completely revamped.

It will be interesting to see how Ballistic fits into the meta, and whether he needs buffed or nerfed shortly after release.

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