Who is Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends? Leaks claim wall running Legend coming

Revenant halloween skin in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Apex Legends could be getting an alternative version of Revenant that is known as Revenant Reborn with a wall-run ability. Here’s what you need to know. 

Given that Apex Legends is tied in with the Titanfall universe through different guns, references to planets, and military squads, there’s always been hope from some fans that a few abilities from the Titanfall games would make an appearance. 

Respawn have, time and time again, shut down calls for Titans to make an appearance. They’ve stated that they’ve tested it and it doesn’t seem to fit. Similarly, there have also been calls for wall-running to make an appearance. 

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Leaks have claimed that future maps will, in fact, bring wall-running to the battle royale. However, some leakers have also claimed that Revenant Reborn – an alternative version of Revenant – will have it as an ability. Here’s what we know.

What is Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends?

That’s right, some leakers have claimed that Respawn have been working on Revenant Reborn with playtesters, as an aside to the already creepy version of Revenant that we’ve got in-game.

It’s something Thordan Smash has highlighted a few times, claiming to have spoken to playtesters who have given him the lowdown on the character. “There is a character select where they are getting a unique Revenant whose Ultimate is a one-on-one fight in the void with whoever it hits,” he said. 

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“What we’re theorizing right now, is that this is going to be the shadow Revenant from the Halloween mode as it does fit with the ultimate wall-running.”

What are Revenant Reborn’s rumored abilities?

As Thordan noted, one of the playtesters isn’t quite sure when the legend will be ready to go for everyone, nor is there confirmation if they’ll be a totally new character.

The wall-running ability is supposed to be the character’s passive, with rumors about the tactical ranging from a Sling Shot ability to teleport, and a forcefield that pushes enemies away. 

The ultimate being a one-on-one dual like Call of Duty’s Gulag has popped up a few times, and has apparently been playtested, so that seems more locked in. 

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Given it is a spin on the current Revenant, it could possibly be something for a limited-time mode, but it’s unconfirmed yet how this legend would make its way into the battle royale. 

We’ll keep this page updated as we know more!