Apex Legends players can’t believe most popular legends in Season 20

Connor Bennett
apex legends franchise

Apex Legends players have been taken aback by the popularity and pick rates of certain legends ahead of Season 21, especially Lifeline, who is now inside the top five. 

Over the last five years, Apex Legends has seen the meta change quite a bit – especially as Respawn has nerfed and changed the abilities of different legends, and even added new ones into the mix. 

There have always been some legends that have been more popular than others, even after they’ve been changed. However, in Season 20, some of these have slipped well away. Valkyrie, Seer, and Gibraltar once all dominated the meta, but their pick rates have fallen to between 2-1%. 

One character that has benefited, however, has been Lifeline. The combat medic has continually been buffed over the last few updates and has now risen into the top five most-used characters in Apex. 

That has confused some players, however, with one asking: “When did Lifeline get into top five for pick rate? Also, you know it’s bad when Ash is higher than Valk, lol.”

Some fans quickly suggested that the medic has risen up the ranks as players try to pull off flashy revives and have “OP’ abilities. “I’d argue the gold plated care package is also OP because it’s a guaranteed gold knockdown shield, gold bag, and evo cache if you get yourself to purple,” one argued. 

Others, though, just believe she’s fairly balanced. “I think it’s because her care package can drop those eco harvesters. It’s so useful,” one said. “Lifeline since tweaks about 4 plus seasons ago has never objectively been a bad legend. This doesn’t surprise me,” another added. 

Screenshot of Apex Legends pick rates for characters in Season 20
Lifeline’s rise into the top five most-used legends caused a stir.

Focusing on other characters, some players said that Newcastle – who has a 0.9% pick rate, the lowest of the lot – is “criminally underrated” and should get some more love. Others stated that Mirage “feels too low” and should pick back up. 

With Season 21 getting underway in May, Respawn will very likely make changes to the current roster of legends again. So, things will likely be shaken up before long.  

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