Apex Legends Season 20 buffs made one “underrated” Legend top-tier

John Esposito
Ash is a character in Apex Legends that some players believe needs a serious buff.

Season 20’s Legend Upgrade system seems to have given new life to Ash, as her upgraded snare perk is gaining praise from the player base.

Season 20 of Apex Legends takes Respawn’s Titanfall-esque Battle Royale to new heights. Aside from next-gen upgrades and Ranked Mode reworks, the biggest change is the Legend upgrade system.

As the name implies, each character has a set of perks they’ll unlock during a match, bolstering their skillset to help give players the edge in battle. Not all perks have been created equally, as some players have pointed out, but it’s been a refreshing approach to the formula.

Players are sharing their takes on the new system, and characters who have been “underwhelming” in the past seem to have received new life in Season 20.

Apex Legends player shows off improved Ash snare

Ash has been a weird character since her arrival in Season 11, as most players feel like she’s among the worst in the game. Season 20’s debut only furthered those claims after fans discovered a secret nerf to her Arc Snare.

However, that didn’t stop Apex Legends player Shawarma123 from putting the maligned Legend’s abilities to good use. In a post shared to the game’s subreddit, they showed off her Level 3 Legend upgrade, Greedy Snare. As the name semi implies, the trap tactical lasts longer but can also ensnare a group of enemies.

After throwing the upgraded snare, they proceeded to lock three enemies in place, which led to an easy team wipe.

Despite Ash being such a maligned character, the improvement via the Legend upgrade drew plenty of praise. One player said: “Dude that crowd control is amazing. Like a half ultimate.”

Another offered a more in-depth analysis of Arc Snare’s usage: “Besides the defensive and zoning things you can do, I’ve noticed that in practice it allows the snare-nade combo to work so much better. Even if you don’t stick the snare of rip, u can pinch them with a nade so they have no choice but to go into the snare, and then u can just re-nade.”

With Season 20 of Apex Legends just kicking off, more player creativity will emerge, showing unique uses for even the “worst” Legends.