ImperialHal claims one Apex Legend is “OP as f**k” in Season 20 despite low pick rate

Connor Bennett

TSM star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has highlighted one Legend in Apex Legends Season 20 that is “OP as f*ck” despite barely being used by players. 

With the start of Apex Legends Season 20, Respawn once again decided to forego adding a new Legend to the battle royale. Instead, the focus was on the current roster of characters and overhauling them with Legend Upgrades. 

Of course, there have been a fair few buffs and nerfs on top of those upgrades too, but the new perks have taken the limelight a bit more – especially as they can be used to change a legend’s ability. 

As a result, the meta in Apex has undergone a bit of a change, with players returning to some legends that have slipped down the ranks after previous nerfs. And TSM’s ImperialHal has made his pick for one legend that is “OP as f*ck” in the new season. 

ImperialHal claims Valkyrie is “OP” in Apex Legends Season 20 

The legend he has been hyping up? Well, that would be Valkyrie, and it’s thanks to her Ultimate feeling as strong as it did in previous seasons. 

“I think Valk is f*cking OP as f*ck right now. You literally cannot die. There’s no Charge Rifle or any guns that can just beam you out of the air. It’s so f*cking good,” the TSM IGL said during a recent stream. “Valk ULT is f*cking insane.”

The two-time ALGS MVP further praised Valk as not being as one-dimensional as other Legends. “Valk has a lot more use outside of her ULT. She can fly, take height, she can be played late game. The missiles actually do damage, right? Valk is just an all-around better character in every way compared to Ash,” he added. 

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Hal also noted that the Recon legend feels like her “old herself,” especially when it comes to the Ultimate, because of the Charge Rifle’s nerf. 

He believes that Valkyrie will start to become a part of pro compositions once again. As per ApexLegendsStatus, Valkyrie’s usage is a little under 3%, and that includes an uptick since the start of Season 20. So, she’s clearly getting some love, it just remains to be seen if she’ll be completely meta once again.