Conduit revealed as new legend for Apex Legends Season 19: Abilities

Connor Bennett
Conduit in Apex Legends Season 19 promo imageRespawn/EA

The next legend to join the Apex Legends roster of characters has been revealed, and it’ll be Conduit at long last. So, here’s everything you need to know. 

Up until Apex Legends Season 16, Respawn had been adding a new legend to their battle royale with each new season. It meant that, without fail, players had something big and new to dig their teeth into and look to master for a little while.

They decided to go away from that so they could put a bigger focus on evolving the meta. Fast forward through the two seasons since then and that has very much been the case. Season 17 added Ballistic as a new legend, while Season 18 was all about Revenant Reborn – a rework for the terrifying simulacrum that had haunted the battle royale for a while. 

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Season 19, though, will include a new legend and we now know that it’ll be Conduit. And yes, that name should be familiar to long-time Apex fans.

Conduit revealed as Apex Legends character for Season 19: Ignite

Conduit was one of the first new legends outside of the original roster that leaked for the battle royale all the way back in early 2019.

However, it’s taken until late 2023 for the character to become a reality. 

Conduit will be the new legend in Season 19, which is also known as Ignite, after she was revealed in the pre-season Stories from the Outlands video.

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Conduit abilities in Apex Legends

As we saw in early leaks, Conduit’s abilities are focused on shields – both in helping her team and wiping away protection from enemies – and being a support player.

Here are her confirmed abilities:

  • Passive: Savior’s Speed: Gain a burst of speed when running toward teammates outside of tactical range
  • Tactical: Radiant Transfer: Send a surge of energy to a teammate generating temporary shields for them and Conduit when in danger
  • Ultimate: Energy Barricade: Deploy an array of shield-jamming devices which damage and slow enemies

Players will be able to test Conduit out once Season 19 launches on October 31, and that’ll also include an overhaul to Storm Point. Doesn’t it look pretty?

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