Apex Legends players claim Season 20 finally made Mirage worth playing

John Esposito
apex legends mirage holding sunscreen header

The new Legend upgrade system is giving new life to many of Apex Legends’ “low-tier” Legends. Mirage is at the forefront of the list, with fans claiming he might be the “best combat medic” in-game.

Season 20 of Apex Legends sees the game receive one of its biggest updates to date — the Legend upgrade system. With it, each playable character has a unique set of perks to choose from, creating some variance in the tried and true battle royale formula.

So far, the results have been interesting, with some players labeling some of the perks as useless. Others have had far better results, with Legends like Ash seeing new life.

Mirage is another character trending in the right direction with the new season, with fans claiming he might be better than support characters like Lifeline and Newcastle.

Apex Legends player claims Mirage is the “best combat medic” in-game

With Season 20, Respawn Entertainment seems to be going all in on Mirage’s Support nature. Leveling up the trickster in-game rewards players with some great perks, such as Miracle Worker, which revives allies with health regeneration, and Bamboozle Bonus, which instantly refreshes hit tactical ability if someone falls for a decoy.

These changes alone are massive and on the Apex Legends subreddit, players are now claiming they make him really good.

“Mirage is actually so good now,” one player states. “You get the Health Revive perk, and it’s over. You’re the best combat medic in the game. Your teammate goes down? Revive invisible AND they get health,” continue while listing the cons of fellow Support Legends like Lifeline’s healing drone and Gibby needing his shield for added healing bonuses.

For the unaware, Mirage’s passive lets him cloak while reviving enemies. Provided you pick the Miracle Worker level 2 perk, Mirage will revive enemies with health regen up to 75 HP. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stack with gold knockdown shields, as one player noted in the replies.

One response stated: “They REALLY wanted Mirage to be good with the skills. The fact that he gets the good revive a tier ahead of others is honestly kinda silly.”

Other players felt his perks favoring his ultimate and trickster nature offered a better payoff. “-30 seconds to his ultimate is really amazing, it’s up all the time and ready for every fight. Huge advantage for downing multiple players,” one player said regarding Mirage’s “More Me” perk.

However, no matter what you spec your Mirage, it seems like Apex Legends’ Season 20 might be his season to truly shine.