When do the Yellowstone spin-offs take place? Timeline explained

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Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in Yellowstone 1923 Jacob and CaraParamount+

With Yellowstone’s on-screen universe continuing to expand, you might be wondering when they all take place – so, we’ve broken down the timeline of all the show’s spinoffs.

Alongside the original Yellowstone series – which is set to premiere its final installment of Season 5 in November – two existing prequels already exist, alongside plans for a least three more spin-offs over the next few years.

Yellowstone tells the story of the Dutton family, who are trying to resolve conflicts along the shared borders of their large cattle ranch, which borders the Broken Rock Indian reservation, Yellowstone National Park, and land developers.

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While Kevin Costner and Yellowstone itself are set to make a farewell, the cowboy antics live on in their subsequent spin-offs. Here’s a full breakdown of the Yellowstone timeline.

When do the Yellowstone spin-offs take place?

As of now, only 1883 and 1923 have been seen by fans, with 1923 soon to make its return with Season 2.

Details of 1944 and 6666 still yet to be revealed, and we’re also including the unnamed Yellowstone spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey, though information surrounding it is the most vague of the bunch.

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With all of this in mind, the chronological order – including the main Yellowstone series – should look something like this:

  • 1883
  • 1923
  • 1944
  • Yellowstone
  • 6666
  • Untitled series/2024


Taking place in the year that the title suggests, 1883 explores the post-Civil war generation of the Dutton family as they leave Tennessee.

The family travels across the country before settling in Montana to establish what would eventually become the Yellowstone Ranch. The series aired between 2021-2022, though seems unlikely to get a second season.

Speaking to Deadline, creator Taylor Sheridan explained how the story felt more limited as a prequel. “We wanted to make a ten-hour movie that ended, and that’s what we did.”

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The show starred country music icons Tim McGraw and Faith Hill alongside the likes of Isabel May and Sam Elliott.


Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in 1923Paramount

Jumping forward in time to arguably the most successful of the Yellowstone spin-offs, 1923 is unsurprisingly set in the year it is titled.

Looking at another generation of the Dutton family, the lead characters go through various hardships including Prohibition, drought, and the early stages of the Great Depression – which affected Montana before the 1929 Stock Market Crash.

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Season 2 of 1923 is on the horizon, with a star-studded cast including Dame Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.


Though the main Yellowstone series is currently next in the timeline of the show’s wider world, an impending prequel titled 1944 is likely to actually be next up, if Sheridan’s rule of titling by year stays the same.

Not much about 1944 has been revealed at this stage, though is most likely to follow the ranch’s trials and tribulations through the second World War.

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Another numerical title but not one that corresponds with a year in history, 6666 is another of the Yellowstone spin-offs that are yet to be released.

This time around, fans might have a few more clues as to what the show will be about. In the main Yellowstone series, the 6666 ranch has already been seen, meaning it could have a closer link to the present day.

According to Variety, the synopsis for 6666 so far states: “The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world-class cowboys are born and made.” It’s also been reported that Sheridan bought the real-life 6666 ranch back in 2021.

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Untitled series

As far as Yellowstone spin-offs go, this is where things get really sketchy.

It’s another reported show that doesn’t even have a name yet, let alone a designated spot on the timeline. However, one notable star is already attached in the form of Matthew McConaughey, appearing in an unknown leading role. Whether the series will even focus on the same Dutton ranch remains to be seen.

This could be the same series as the recently announced 2024, which has officially been greenlit by Paramount.

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