1883 Season 2: Everything we know

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Is 1883 Season 2 the same thing as Lawmen: Bass Reeves? Here’s everything we know about what to expect.

Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan’s wildly successful Western drama starring Kevin Costner, first hit the small screen in 2018. It’s gone from strength to strength over the years, with the show now in its fifth season.

While the fifth season’s second half will be its last, at least fans can hold onto the numerous spinoffs including 1923 and 1883, and the upcoming 6666 series.

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As Lawmen: Bass Reeves also creeps into the Yellowstone universe, here’s everything we know about what form 1883 Season 2 will take.

Is 1883 Season 2 happening?

Yes, 1883 is getting another season – but it’s not as simple as a straightforward Season 2.

1883 is technically followed by 1923, a sequel series also taking place before the events of Yellowstone. The show will also live on via Lawmen: Bass Reeves, chronicling the life of the “legendary lawman,” as per TV Line.

The Yellowstone universe is growing even more with another spinoff titled 6666, which will revolve around the Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas.

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As for a direct follow-up to 1883, Sheridan said he “wanted to make a ten-hour movie that ended, and that’s what we did,” so don’t expect one in a hurry.

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“I created this peek through time to show you this one specific journey. I’m not someone who likes to tie everything up in a bow and explain how everyone lived happily after, or didn’t,” he told Deadline.

“I also wanted to create something you could watch and be completely enthralled and fulfilled, having never seen Yellowstone. Let it live on its own merits.

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“For me, as a storyteller it feels close-ended. I’m going to peek through the window of a different era and see what I see then.”

Is there an 1883 Season 2 release date?

Yes. Lawmen: Bass Reeves will premiere on November 5, 2023.

The series is also set to be comprised of 8 episodes.

While some originally suspected it could have been postponed due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes, it appears to have completed production before they caused any delays.

1883 Season 2 trailer: Is there a trailer?

You can check out the first teaser trailer for Lawmen: Bass Reeves below:

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It’s only a brief look at the new series, but it shows off the deputy marshal on his horse and shooting his gun. “I’m the law of this land. I’m deputy US Marshal Bass Reeves, and your wicked days are done,” he says.

A longer teaser trailer was released in early September, which you can watch below:

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1883 Season 2 cast: Who’s in it?

Lawmen: Bass Reeves will star David Oyelowo as the titular lawman. It’s unclear whether we can expect the return of Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, or any of the other 1883 cast members.

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Earlier this year, Variety learned that Dennis Quaid had also joined the cast to play Sherrill Lynn, a deputy US marshall.

The cast also includes:

  • Mo Brings Plenty as Minco Dodge
  • Dale Dickey as Widow Dolliver
  • Tosin Morohunfola as Jackrabbit Cole
  • Margot Bingham as Sarah Jumper
  • Donald Sutherland as Judge Isaac Parker
  • Lauren E. Banks as Jennie
  • Demi Singleton as Sally
  • Barry Pepper as Esau Pierce
  • Forrest Goodluck as Billy Crow
  • Grantham Coleman as Edwin Jones
  • Garrett Hedlund as Garrett Montgomery

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Oyelowo said: “I can’t tell you how many times in shooting the show I just found myself walking into either a daydream I had, either as a kid playing cowboys when I was younger, or even as an actor in the eight years I’ve been trying to get this thing made.

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“His very existence questions the nature of justice. If we can now say that the enslavement of people was unjust, then freeing yourself from that unjust circumstance, can that truly be deemed unlawful? I think that’s one of the biggest themes of the show. This is all playing out at a time that in many ways defines who and what America is. We watch the birth of America, in a sense, through the personal eyes of one Black man and his family.”

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You can also check out our more detailed breakdown of the 1923 cast here.

1883 Season 2 plot: What’s it about?

The official logline for Lawmen: Bass Reeves reads: “Known as the greatest frontier hero in American history, and also believed to be the inspiration for The Lone Ranger, Reeves worked in the post-Reconstruction era as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory, capturing over 3,000 of the most dangerous criminals without ever being wounded.”

As per Collider, Oyelowo explained: “So Bass Reeves is a character who the Lone Ranger was actually based on. But unfortunately, he was whitewashed out of history.

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“He was born into enslavement, went on to fight in the Civil War [and] then escaped to the Indian Territory; learned the Native American languages and skills, which ended up being applied to his career as a lawman, and [he] had the most prolific career. 3000 arrests in his career and someone whose exploits are truly legendary. We’re doing it as a six-part miniseries. So basically a six-hour movie.

“Now, back in the day when you watched Ben-Hur or Lawrence of Arabia, that was epic storytelling, but you put a three-hour [or] four-hour film in front of people now [they’re like], ‘Oh, gosh!’

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“But you let them binge something that [is] six to 10 hours, they’re all in. So I think it’s just a reframing of it. Maybe it’s just a mental leap people need to take to engage with the storytelling a little bit longer.”

As for 1923, the official synopsis says it will “introduce a new generation of the Dutton family and explore the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.”

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That’s all we know about the 1883 follow-ups, but we’ll update this space upon further announcements. Check out our other Yellowstone coverage below:

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