Oppenheimer drops new nail-biting trailer with Florence Pugh & more

Florence Pugh in OppenheimerUniversal Pictures

Oppenheimer just dropped a nail-biting new trailer with Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, and so much more. 

Christopher Nolan is returning to the big screen with one of his most ambitious projects yet: Oppenheimer. The movie will look at the titular physicist as he helms World War II’s nuclear Manhattan Project, leading to the development of the atomic bomb. 

The filmmaker has famously avoided using CGI as much as possible, instead pumping his big budgets into creating jaw-dropping set pieces. This is certainly the case for the recreation of the first atomic detonation in New Mexico, which Nolan described as the most challenging feat of his career so far. 

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Alongside the captivating backstory and cinematic ingenuity, Oppenheimer boasts a starry cast, with numerous big names making an appearance in the gripping new trailer. 

Oppenheimer drops new trailer with Florence Pugh & more

Check out the trailer below:

Universal Pictures released the full trailer for Oppenheimer on May 8, 2023, teasing plenty of action, suspense, and an appearance from Hollywood’s newest golden girl, Florence Pugh

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, her character can be seen in tears as she speaks to a man who is presumably J. Robert Oppenheimer himself. You see, Pugh is set to play Jean Tatlock, the physicist’s mistress, while Emily Blunt is portraying his wife, Kitty. It’s unclear whether she’s crying as a result of their situation, or due to her lover’s destructive plans. 

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A majority of the trailer features interactions between Cillian Murphy’s Oppenheimer and Matt Damon’s Leslie Groves Jr., an engineers officer who helped oversee the Manhattan Project.

Already we can see Oppenheimer’s questionable determination, telling Groves that the Nazis had an “18 month” head start in creating the world’s most dangerous bomb – a figure he seemingly pulled out of nowhere. 

Later in the trailer, as tension builds, Nolan’s jaw-dropping practical effects are teased as we’re shown flashes of fiery explosions amid a chilling countdown, one that’s made all the more poignant in retrospect of just how much damage Oppenheimer’s creation would go on to cause. 

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Oppenheimer drops in cinemas on July 21, 2023. You can read more about the movie here, and check out our other TV and movie hubs below:

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