How to get to Hopetown in Starfield

An image of the Hopetech factory in Hopetown in Starfield.Bethesda

Hopetown is one of the many settlements in Starfield and it’s home to some useful locations including a place to upgrade your ship, so here’s exactly how you can get to Hometown in Bethesda’s latest RPG.

There are a lot of interesting places for players to visit in Starfield’s vast universe, from huge planets to smaller settlements and one of the most handy locations in the game is the settlement of Hopetown.

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While it’s not the most expansive settlement in the stars, there’s a fair amount to do in Hopetown and it’s a particularly helpful location to land on if you’re looking to upgrade your ship or buy a new vehicle enterity.

Here’s exactly how you can get to Hopetown in Starfield, and everything you can do in the settlement.

An image of a ship flying through space in Starfield.Bethesda
Hopetown can be found on Polvo in Starfield.

How to get to Hopetown in Starfield

Hopetown is located on Polvo in Starfield which is a planet in the Valo system.

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You can get to the Valo system by grav-jumping North East from the Alpha Centauri system. The system is also a part of the Freestar Ranger’s space so if you choose to join the Rangers in Starfield, you’ll be able to travel to Hopetown directly simply by completing the group’s main questline.

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Due to Valo being in Freestar Ranger space, if you visit Hopetown as a member of the Rangers you’ll be welcomed however, if you’ve racked up a bounty from the group at some point in the game, you’ll receive a less enthusiastic greeting. Therefore, you may want to either clear up the bounty before entering the Hopetown or simply watch your back while you’re there.

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Hopetown vendors & locations

Once you’ve arrived in Hopetown there are various locations available to visit where you can purchase new items, weapons, and equipment, or upgrade your all-important ship. A full rundown of the major locations in Hopetown can be found below:

  • HopeTech Ship Manufacturers factory – upgrade and purchase ships.
  • Ranger Station.
  • Pit Stop bar & restaurant – stock up on food and drink.
  • Best Defense vendor – purchase a variety of weapons and ammo.
  • Trade authority kiosk – buy and sell items for credits.

That’s how you can get to Hopetown in Starfield! For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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