How many planets are there in Starfield?

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Since first launching, Starfield has seen players delve deep into its expansive universe. If you’re curious about the number of planets available for exploration, we’ve got the details.

Starfield, a long-awaited RPG from Bethesda, invites players to embark on interstellar adventures within The Settled Systems, uncovering hidden gems and facing unexpected challenges.

Referred to as “Skyrim in space” by the game’s director, Todd Howard, it’s been well advertised in the lead-up to launch that there will be a lot of planets available to explore in Starfield, and you might be wondering exactly how many you can land on.

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So, here’s everything we know about how many planets there are in Starfield.

player looking at sky in starfieldBethesda
You can explore a lot of different planets in Starfield.

How many planets are in Starfield?

Starfield has in excess of 1,000 planets to investigate.

Using procedurally generated technology, the RPG title features a variety of weird and beautiful locales to stumble across. In addition to the 1,000+ planets, there are also moons and space stations to seek out.

According to Howard, of the planets that will comprise Starfield: “About 10% of those planets have life on them.” This is understandable, though, as creating 100 unique planets with all sorts of living organisms will likely strain the game. “We’re pushing it to the edge of what do people think, what planets are in that Goldilocks Zone versus planets that have resources?” he added.

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