10 Best Starfield mods to download on PC 2023

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As expected of a Bethesda game, Starfield is not short on innovative community creations that enhance the open-world RPG. From UI reworks to performance overhauls there are plenty of great Starfield mods for you to download, and these are the best.

Given how popular mods are in the likes of Skyrim and Fallout it’s no surprise that Bethesda’s latest game has followed in their footsteps. Much like its predecessors, Starfield hosts a rich modding community that is eager to improve the space RPG.

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Be it mods that make the game easier, harder, more interesting, or just plain ridiculous there’s something for everyone. Even in these early stages where Starfield modding is still growing there are some surprisingly substantial options that make a big difference.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the best Starfield mods available on Xbox Series X/S and PC that you can download in 2023.


Frontier spaceship overlooking Akila City in StarfieldBethesda
Akila City, home of the Freestar Rangers in Starfield.

How to install Starfield mods on PC

As there is no official mod support yet installing mods in Starfield requires either a suitable mod manager or manual installation.

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If you want to use a mod manager we recommend Vortex which is a simple yet effective tool. You can install Starfield mods using Vortex as follows:

  • Download Vortex and create a Nexus Mods account.
  • Load up Vortex and connect your Nexus Mods account.
  • In Vortex, select ‘Games’ and make sure Starfield is detected. If Vortex can’t find it then you may have to manually set the install location.
  • Once Starfield is detected and appears as a Managed game, head to Nexus Mods and pick whatever mod you want to install.
  • On Nexus Mods, select ‘Download: Vortex’ on the mod’s main page.
  • After it has finished downloading go to ‘Mods’ in Vortex and click Install on the mod you just downloaded.

The process for manually installing mods in Starfield may vary but usually involves the following:

  • Download the desired mod from a trusted source like Nexus Mods.
  • Copy the mod’s content to the appropriate folder, often found in ‘Starfield/Data/’ found in the game’s install directory. The exact location will vary between mods so be sure to read the installation process for every mod you manually install.

Are Starfield mods available on Xbox?

Starfield mods are not currently available on Xbox as official developer mod support is required to deploy mods to consoles.

However, Bethesda has already confirmed that mod support is on its way. An exact release date has not been revealed but built-in mod support (Creations) is expected sometime in early 2024 and will function similarly to how it does in Skyrim and Fallout.

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Best Starfield Mods

Here are ten of the best Starfield mods you can download on PC:

Starfield Script Extender (SFSE)

Starfield script extender mod (SFSE)

The king of all Starfield mods, SFSE is a tool that allows for more complex scripting capabilities and functionalities. In simple terms, this is the tool that will allow developers to create seriously impressive mods in the future.

For now, it has limited use with mod makers not having time to create anything too ambitious. In due time though this will become a must-have to play the majority of desirable mods. Unfortunately, SFSE only supports the Steam release of Starfield.

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You can download Starfield Script Extender on Nexus Mods.

Starfield Upscaler

Starfield Upscaler Mod enables DLSS support.

Starfield’s native support for AMD FSR2 is great for those representing Team Red, but for the majority of gamers who run an Nvidia GPU, it’s far from ideal. Thankfully, the Starfield modding community has swiftly put together this upscaler that allows the use of DLSS and even XESS.

The frame rate gains possible from using the correct upscaler are staggering. This is especially true for PC players who play at either 1440p or 4K, with double performance not being unheard of. However, those playing at 1080p probably won’t get much use out of this mod.

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You can download Starfield Upscaler on Nexus Mods.

Starfield Performance Optimizations

Starfield Performance Optimizations makes the open world RPG look and run better.

Speaking of improved performance, Starfield Performance Optizimations offers just that bumping frame rates higher by fixing some of the open-world RPG’s unnecessary extras.

Unlike Starfield Upscaler, this mod is excellent at 1080p with the mod maker reporting a jump from 10-15 FPS on Ultra, 1080p to 30-40 FPS. For those with weaker PCs, this could be the difference between an unplayable and playable game.

You can download Starfield Performance Optimizations on Nexus Mods.

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StarUI Inventory

StarUI mod in Starfield making the inventory menu better.

Much like most other Bethesda titles, Starfield’s inventory and menu UI isn’t well suited to mouse and keyboard. Thankfully, Star UI Inventory fixes that as it greatly improves the inventory menu making it one of the best Starfield mods you can install.

The two main changes are that everything is organized into compact, vertical lists making it easier to scroll through and each entry now offers more information at a glance. That includes item names, amount owned, mass, value, ammo type, and even theoretical DPS.

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You can download StarUI Inventory on Nexus Mods.

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Undelayed Menus

Undelayed Menus mod makes menus faster to open and close in Starfield.

Another UI-related mod is Undelayed Menus which removes the additional animations and delays on just about every menu in Starfield. That means no more time-consuming fading or transition effects when moving from one menu to another.

It may sound like a small quality of life change but once you’ve played with it you won’t want to go back. You’ll be going into and out of the menus constantly so speeding that process up a little adds up over time.

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You can download Undelayed Menus on Nexus Mods.


BetterHUD mod resizes certain hud elements ot make UI better in Starfield.

Continuing the theme of UI improvements, BetterHUD lives up to its name by making Starfield’s HUD less distracting and more immersive. This is done by shrinking or moving HUD elements to avoid them taking away from the gameplay.

Although this isn’t a must-have by any means it does partner well with other Starfield UI mods to clean up the space RPG’s appearance. Even better, it’s fully customizable letting Starfield players tweak the UI to look exactly how they want.

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You can download BetterHUD on Nexus Mods.


Cleanfiled makes main menu less cluttered and reduces the amount of opening logos in Starfield.

Cleanfield is probably the simplest mod on this list, but that doesn’t detract from its usefulness. This mod removes intro videos and logos when Starfield is opened up and simplifies the start menu making it a little easier on the eyes.

Most Starfield players will benefit more from the other mods on this list but Cleanfield is straightforward to install and streamlines the starting process. Since you’ll be opening Starfield over and over it’s a mod that will positively impact every session you play and that’s a pretty good sales pitch.

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You can download Cleanfield on Nexus Mods.

Neutral LUTs

Neutral LUTs mod removes immersive filters to makes Starfield look clearer and more consistent.

As is standard in a lot of games, Starfield utilizes filters to create a sense of atmosphere. While these can be immersive and some players will love them it does come at the cost of visual fidelity and overall clarity. If you value clarity over immersion then Neutral LUTs is worth considering.

It removes the majority of filters in Starfield giving it a purer and less fuzzy overall appearance. More specifically, it replaces these filters with Starfield’s neutral filter making the open-world RPG’s environments look much more consistent.

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You can download Neutral LUTs on Nexus Mods.

Baka Achievement Enabler

Achievement Enabler makes it possible to still unlock Starfield achievements with mods installed.

One of the unfortunate downsides to modding Starfield is that many of its achievements become impossible to unlock. However, by using the Baka Achievement Enabler mod you can re-enable all achievements regardless of what mods are installed.

Unfortunately, this only currently works with the Steam version of Starfield as it requires the Starfield Script Extender. Those using the Xbox app or Game Pass version can instead use this alternative Achievement Enabler that serves a similar purpose.

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You can download Baka Achievement Enabler on Nexus Mods.

Starfield Community Patch

Starfield Community Patch will fix thousands on bugs once it is released.

This mod isn’t actually out yet but it’s one that you need to be aware of. Bethesda’s titles are enormous resulting in an inevitable variety of bugs and oversights that need fixing. That’s where the Community Patch comes in, fixing thousands of bugs all reported by the community.

This collective effort will be one of the best and biggest mods ever released for Starfield. As for its release date, the Starfield Community Patch is probably still some ways off. This is a huge project that will take time to put together but we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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The Starfield Community patch is not yet available for download.

That’s everything you need to know about the best mods in Starfield. As the modding community grows and more mods are released we’ll update this list. For more Starfield guides check out some of our other content:

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