Bethesda details 2024 Starfield plans: Shattered Space expansion, mod support & more

Noelle Corbett
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In an end-of-the-year update, Bethesda has outlined its plans for Starfield in 2024, which includes a major DLC expansion and some long-requested features.

Going into 2023, Starfield was one of the most anticipated upcoming game releases. Not only was it developer Bethesda Softworks’ first new IP in over 20 years, but it also promised to be a space epic with a massive universe to explore.

The game released in September to mixed reviews, with players divided over whether the game’s vast map was enjoyable or too empty.

While Starfield may not have had the start Bethesda hoped for, the developer has discussed its plans for the game in 2024, which include regular updates, official mod support, the previously-announced Shattered Space story expansion, and more.

Starfield end-of-year update features game data & 2024 plans

Bethesda detailed what’s in store for the New Year on the official Starfield website in a post that also goes over some player stats for the game so far.

According to the infographic, over 13 million players have put over 22 million days into Starfield already, with the CombaTech Beowulf being the most popular weapon with over 595 million kills.

Beyond that, Bethesda reiterated plans a community manager mentioned on Reddit last week.

Without going into many specifics, Bethesda says it’s “targeting updates roughly every six weeks starting in February.” These will include things players have been requesting, such as city maps and new Gameplay options that allow you to further customize the difficulty.

It also plans to launch the long-awaited Creation Kit for official mod support.

Finally, the post mentions the Shattered Space expansion, which was previously announced along with Starfield’s Premium and Constellation editions. Not much is known about the DLC, but Bethesda says the team is “hard at work” on the expansion, which will feature “new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more.”

Interestingly, Bethesda also calls Shattered Space the “first major expansion” for Starfield, implying more DLC content may be planned for further down the line.

When exactly specific changes and content drops will occur is still unknown, but it seems like Starfield players have quite a bit to look forward to in 2024.

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