Best Fallout 4 mods 2024: PC, PlayStation & Xbox

Sam Smith
Fallout 4 mods

Mods can help transform Fallout 4’s war-ravaged wasteland into the perfect post-apocalyptic playground allowing you to tweak the game to your liking. Here are the best mods in Fallout 4 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC to download in 2024.

Games by Bethesda often enable their modding community with titles like Skyrim and Fallout featuring lots of different mods to shake up the gameplay. Fallout 4 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC combines first-person shooting, RPG elements, survival mechanics, and cinematic storytelling, making it sometimes feel like several different games in one.

However, not every mechanic in Fallout 4 will appeal to all players — for example, some may prefer building and maintaining settlements, while others enjoy focusing on quests. As such, the game features a staggering number of mods to change how you approach the Wasteland, so these are the very best Fallout 4 mods you can download in 2024.


Best Fallout 4 mods on PC

Here are the best Fallout 4 mods you can download on PC, allowing you to overhaul settlers and settlements or even turn your character into a Synth.

PC settlement mods

Place Everywhere

An image of the Place Everywhere mod.

Though Fallout 4’s settlement system is a relatively simple achievement in its own right, some of the practical design features can quickly become annoying. One of those is being unable to place objects due to immovable obstructions or uneven ground. Step forward, Place Everywhere.

As the name may suggest, it allows the player to place settlement objects anywhere within the boundaries of a settlement and sometimes beyond. These objects can be placed over or inside existing models or even free-floating in the air without support, making the construction of complex settlements much easier.


Scrap Everything

An image of the Scrap Everything mod.

Working well in tandem with Place Everywhere, Scrap Everything is the tool every image-conscious settlement builder needs. It allows the player to scrap pretty much everything in sight, allowing for a truly blank canvas on which to start rebuilding the Commonwealth.

From the corpses of raiders you just killed to frustrating debris littered across Sanctuary, the post-apocalyptic wastes have never looked so clean and presentable.


Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

An image of the Homermaker mod.

Though the base settlement construction objects work just fine, building on multiple sites quickly becomes visually repetitive. That’s where Homemaker comes in, bringing with it a wealth of new options for players to truly make their settlements feel like home.

The mod comes with over 1000 additional objects of all types, from basic structure models to the finest decorations. It’s also complete with functioning mechanics, allowing for new planters and other resource items to make sure your settlement stays healthy.


Better Settlers

An image of Settlers in Fallout 4.

Building settlements in Fallout 4 is fun and is a huge part of the game’s appeal. It’s satisfying to see your settlements grow, trade, and build alliances with others. It also gives you some nice places to send your NPC companions to make sure they’re safe.

However, other than your companions, the standard settler NPCs in Fallout 4 are rather dull and lifeless. Their AI isn’t great and they wander around mindlessly, waiting to be attacked by radscorpions and other mutated monsters.

This mod changes that, giving settler NPCs much more agency and improving their AI. They’ll be more likely to defend the settlement when an attack happens, and will have much more variety in terms of conversations and designs.


Settlements Expanded

An image of the Settlements Expanded mod.

Where Homemaker is the best settlement mod for adding raw variety to the equation, Settlements Expanded brings functionality in spades. Its main focus is to provide a greatly increased settlement budget, allowing players to construct settlements as big and complex as their PC hardware will allow.

It also comes with several optional choices, including the ability to grant the perks required to construct specific items or add 1000 of each building material with the push of a button. Very useful for those who want to design with absolute freedom.


Repairable Sanctuary

An image of the Repairable Sanctuary mod in Fallout 4.

Sanctuary is the first settlement players unlock after leaving Vault 111, and it’s arguably the one with the most potential. That said, the base version of the game doesn’t allow players to repair the existing structures or generally improve the appearance of the place.

The Repairable Sanctuary mod makes the dream of a resurgent hometown an achievable reality. Structures, including the existing houses and rickety bridge, can all be restored to their former glory, quickly making Sanctuary the beacon of civilization in the Commonwealth.


Settlement Management Software

An image of the Settlement Management Software mod in Fallout 4.

Though it may be a mod for the more fastidious leader, Settlement Management Software has a lot to like. It adds several quality-of-life features related to organizing and running your locations effectively.

These include additional stats for each settlement and individual settler, as well as the ability to control settlements from any accessible terminal. It also allows easy management of supply routes and the options to root out covert synths before they become a problem.


Sim Settlements 1 & 2

Image of the Sim Settlements mod.

It’s all well and good having a burgeoning population of settlers in your locations, but the game really does not allow them to do very much. Sim Settlements changes that, turning your residents into contributing members of society.

The systems on display here are impressively deep. The mod’s main function lets players designate areas as build zones. These zones can be set for specific purposes, from commercial to agricultural to residential, and settlers will pick up the slack and build suitable structures in those locations. It also adds more depth and character to the roster of potential residents.

The sequel does more of the same with some added quality-of-life features. Depending on your priorities, both could be suitable additions to any playthrough.


Longer Power Lines

An image of the longer power lines mod in Fallout 4.

As the name makes abundantly clear, Longer Power Lines removes the game’s largely arbitrary restrictions on linking electricity throughout individual settlements. It’s a relatively simple premise that saves a ton of hassle when powering up devices in awkward spots.


Weapons & Armor mods

Armorsmith Extended

An image of a Fallout 4 character using gear from the Armorsmith Extended mod.

Of all the mods on this list, few shift the fundamentals of an in-game system as much as Armorsmith Extended. It overhauls many of the restrictions placed on armor in Fallout 4, allowing players to do several things that the base game rules impossible.

Chief among these is being able to equip any outfit underneath armor pieces. This saves a ton of annoying time switching to Charisma clothing for tough conversations. In addition, it adds a ton of crafting and workshop options that really help to build each character in an entirely unique way.


Eli’s Armour Compendium

An image of armor outfits from Eli's Armour Compendium mod.

Eli’s Armour Compendium adds some much-needed variety to the armor options available from the Commonwealth. It adds 80+ lore-friendly unisex armor sets to the game, as well as 30+ accessories and plenty of additional color options for each item.

Most of these armor pieces are acquired by talking to a custom NPC, Ellie, and blueprints can be obtained to unlock crafting recipes for the new options. All in all, it’s an impressively executed mod that remains well-supported in 2024.


K-9 Harness – Tactical Body Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat

An image of Dogmeat with the k-9 harness in Fallout 4.

Dogmeat might be the goodest boy in the entirety of the Commonwealth but he remains vulnerable to the many dangers we face. As such, it’s high time he was afforded some form of protection, and that is where the K-9 Harness mod comes into the equation.

Essentially, equipping your favorite canine companion with a fully moddable vest transforms him from a loyal pet to a fully kitted-out attack dog. Side pouches or a backpack can also be added, granting him +40 or +80 carry weight and ballistic weave is available for extra protection.


Concealed Armors

The Pip-Boy from Fallout 3

So you’ve just finished crafting that perfect trench coat outfit, an homage to Walton Goggins’ character in the new Fallout adaptation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any protection, and all those raider armor pieces make your character look ridiculous.

Well, worry about that no longer, as Concealed Armors allows you full control over your look without any of the negative effects of removing the armor piece. Fashion in the Commonwealth doesn’t have to be difficult, and this mod is the best way to seize control of your look.


Wasteland Sniper by Hothtrooper44

An image of a character in Wasteland Sniper mod gear.

Bearing in mind the effective options it can offer for staying out of trouble, surprisingly few seem to gravitate towards being a sniper in Fallout 4. For those who do want to get “all ghillied up,” Wasteland Sniper is the mod for you.

Though it might not be the deepest mod on this list, it’s a very visually impressive homage to a specific character archetype. It offers fully craftable suits for both male and female characters, with a lack of clipping that’s genuinely impressive. It also comes in different colors, so that’s always nice.


Weaponsmith Extended

Weaponsmith Extended mod image in Fallout 4.

Rather than searching through NexusMods for individual weapons, why not let someone else bundle up all of the best ones into one convenient package? That’s where Weaponsmith Extended comes to the fore, bringing a huge range of new killing devices into the game.

It can be a bit tricky to set up, with multiple mod dependencies to be aware of, but it is a lot easier than curating these modded weapons individually.


Combined Arms – Modern Weapon Pack

An image of the Combined Arms mod.

Though Weaponsmith is an extensive weapon pack with everything from the wonderful to the downright weird, Combined Arms has a much more significant focus on realism. The pack adds 14 famous real-world weapons with extremely detailed textures that put Call of Duty to shame.

Though it does throw off the immersion somewhat, it is nice to get away from the shoddy pipe pistols occasionally, in favor of using a Barrett 50 cal to blow away a Super Mutant Behemoth.


Remote Explosives – C4 with Detonators and More

Explosives from the Remote Explosives mod pack.

Adding to the above arsenal of realistic weapons is the Remote Explosives mod, adding some devastating options to a player’s arsenal. From C4 to more rudimentary improvised explosives, they come with significant attention paid to the explosion types in-game.

Additionally, all of these can be detonated remotely, allowing for the creation of unique situations where players can destroy some of the game’s most powerful enemies simply by kiting them in the right direction.


Gameplay mods

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch – UFO4P

Unofficial Fallout 4 patch artwork.

If you decide to download just one mod from this entire list, the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is the one to go for. Its effects on the game are far too numerous to name here, but it really brings the Fallout 4 experience to an entirely new level.

The patch adds thousands of bug fixes for the base game and each DLC pack, making exploring the Commonwealth and beyond a remarkably smooth experience.


Start Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul

An image of the Start Me Up mod.

In fairness to Fallout 4, the vanilla start sequence is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, after a few playthroughs, going to check on Shaun in his crib quickly becomes an annoying chore. The Start Me Up mod adds a ton of alternate starts for the player character.

In addition, it allows the player to skip the start sequence entirely for those who want to jump right into the action. It also leaves the normal start on the table if revisiting it suddenly becomes appealing again.


Campsite – Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags)

An image of the Campside mod featuring the player with sleeping bags in Fallout 4.

Ever been out in the wastes and fancied a night under the stars, instead of in a recently liberated raider camp or a far-off settlement? Campsite makes that a reality, allowing players to roll out a sleeping bag and have a well-earned rest amidst the “beauty” of post-apocalyptic nature.

It doesn’t stop there though. The mod comes complete with craftable camping kits, including tents, dog beds, campfires, and cooking pots to make survival while exploring a little less of a daunting prospect. Everything feels setting-appropriate and it’s fair to say that the mod adds richness to the base game’s offering.


Survival Options

An image of the pip boy using the survival options mod.

For those who have been around the Commonwealth more than the average player, things can quickly become stale. The Survival Options mod aims to add control over many of the game’s elements for a truly custom experience that lives long in the memory.

This mod can do everything from the smallest tweak to how saves work to an entire overhaul of the survival mechanics involved in managing the player character. Even if you just want to change one element that has been bothering you since the start, it remains well worth downloading.


Everyone’s Best Friend

An image of Dogmeat in Fallout 4.

The premise behind this mod is simple: Dogmeat will always have your back, even if you have a human companion. In earlier Fallout games, Dogmeat could accompany you even if you had a human companion. However, Fallout 4 limits the player to just one companion, regardless of their species.

The Everyone’s Best Friend mod fixes this and allows you to always have your loyal German Shepard by your side. Dogmeat will aid you, and your human companions, in combat, making you a powerful trio.


Fire Team Support

An image of the Fire Time Support mod.

Factions are a huge part of Fallout 4; you can join one or more factions and work to either unite them with others or lead them in crushing opposition. However, while you do a lot to help the factions in Fallout 4, they rarely do much to help you in return.

This mod changes that by making it possible to call in support when you’re in a tricky situation. Pinned down by super-mutants? No problem, call in a Brotherhood of Steel Fire Team to help you level the playing field.

The mod also works with every other major faction in Fallout 4, including the Railroad, The Minutemen, and the Institute.


Another Life

An image of the Another Life mod.

Those who have played Fallout 4 will know that Synths (synthetic humans, aka robots) play a massive role in the story. Much of Fallout 4 revolves around Synths fighting for freedom and equal rights in the Wasteland.

This mod makes that struggle even more poignant — by making the playable character a Synth. This changes the game’s opening and narrative structure, as while you’re no longer searching the Wasteland for your son, you’re instead searching for your purpose.

The Another Life mod lets you explore the game’s central theme from a brand new perspective. Will you liberate your kind, betray them, and side with your creators in bringing them to heel? Or will you bring peace and end the conflict? It’s up to you.


Weightless Junk and Other Items

An image of the Weightless Junk and Other Items mod in Fallout 4.

Collecting junk while exploring is a major part of ensuring your settlements have the resources for building and the character has everything they need for crafting. As such, carry weight can quickly become an issue and junk items are often the first to be sacrificed.

Weightless Junk and Other Items removes that headache and allows players to fill their inventories with seemingly useless nonsense until their hearts are content. It might not be the most realistic mod on this list but it really is one of the most useful.


Easy Hacking

An image of a hacking panel in Fallout 4.

The first time you successfully hack a terminal in a Fallout game is quite a rewarding experience. However, it doesn’t last particularly long, and it can quickly become one of life’s chores, as well as a barrier to progression in some cases.

The Easy Hacking mod kicks in once players open a terminal for hacking. Instead of the usual word options to whittle down, only one remains on the screen. This is the correct password, and clicking it saves a lot of time over the course of an entire playthrough. Perhaps not one for the first run-through, but a welcome relief in later efforts.



An image of Fallout 4 cutscene featuring an explosion.

One of the major downsides to using mods in any game is that it usually disables achievements on Steam and other platforms. The simply named Achievements mod bypasses that, allowing players to collect their rewards for completing certain activities in-game.

Is it the most morally pure of the available Fallout 4 mods? No. But in a single-player game, it’s a justifiable inclusion on this list, particularly when simply using console commands instead of mods is also compatible with achievements.


Visual and system overhaul mods

Darker Nights

An image of the Darker Nights mod in Fallout 4.

While writing this list, one of the things that quickly made the least sense was how bright the wasteland is at night. It could be a warming radioactive glow, but more likely, it’s just a design choice on the part of the developer.

Darker Nights is the helpfully named mod that simply turns nights into a truly tense experience, in a world that operates largely without electricity. It might not be for those who struggle to see certain things in low light, but it’s a must-have for realism aficionados.


Enhanced Lights and FX

An image of enhanced lighting in Fallout 4.

Working towards a similar goal to the mod above, only this time with light, Enhanced Lights and FX turn certain settings into beautiful places to occupy.

The advanced lighting effects it adds are significantly more realistic than the base version and it actually works very well in tandem with Darker Nights, when moving from an exterior to an interior.


Water Enhanced

An image of enhanced water in Fallout 4.

It might be a highly radioactive hellscape but there is a lot of water to look at across the Commonwealth. Bearing that in mind, we, as players, may as well make it as spectacular as possible while off on adventures.

Players with older PCs might want to give this one a miss but for those whose hardware can handle it, it makes a lovely addition to a visual mod suite for Fallout 4.


Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction

An image of the enhanced color correction mod comparison to vanilla Fallout 4.

There is nothing wrong, per se, with the way that Fallout 4 has been visually designed by Bethesda. That said, there are some surfaces, textures, and colors throughout the world that remain a little drab and uninspiring.

Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction does a lot to update those and bring them closer to 2024 standards. Everything from huge structures to smaller surface visuals on individual items has been changed and the world looks all the better for it.



An image of the character creation options in the LooksMenu mod of Fallout 4.

The character creation screen in Fallout 4 is adequate at best and falls well short of the recent standards set by games like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dragon’s Dogma 2. LooksMenu doesn’t manage to bring it up to that level, but it’s always nice to have more options.

The mod adds a ton of different selections to each of the individual facial customization areas in the game, including some zany choices for those who are feeling particularly creative. It also allows players to save and load presets so characters can be easily replicated across multiple save games.


Improved Map with Visible Roads

An image of the improved maps mod in Fallout 4.

The Pip-Boy map is a funny thing. On the one hand, it feels spectacularly lore-appropriate and fitting for the tiny wrist computer. On the other, it can be woefully difficult to read and navigate, particularly in interior settings.

Improved Maps with Visual Roads make all of that a lot easier to understand. Discovered roads are now very pronounced and settlement types are clearer and easier to differentiate. A must-have for any wasteland wanderer.


Best Fallout 4 mods on Xbox & PlayStation

There are significantly fewer Fallout 4 available to download on console, but there are still some worthwhile pickups listed below. They allow you to simplify the lockpicking and hacking minigames, gain infinite weapon ammo, and more, hopefully making your trip to the Commonwealth a lot easier in the process.

Visual and performance console mods

Vivid Fallout

An image of the Vivid Fallout mod.

Vivid Fallout is probably the best-looking and most comprehensive visual update available to console players. It updates many of the game’s base textures and adds HD remasters across the board, making the Commonwealth all the better for it.

For those who like to build huge settlements, using this mod in conjunction with high-density areas can strain the hardware. Fortunately, in all of the basic locations on offer to players, the current generation of consoles handles the load impressively.

Enhanced Blood Textures

An image of enhanced blood textures in Fallout 4.

One of the Fallout series’ most iconic design choices is the explosive and gory nature of its combat. Unfortunately, some of that gore has started to look a little dated as Fallout 4 moves further and further away from its original release date.

In better news, Enhanced Blood Textures exists and it makes the whole thing unsettlingly realistic. Not only have the visuals been updated, but blood physics too, allowing the substance to behave in a way more reminiscent of real life (upsettingly).

Wasteland Creatures Redone

An image of a Bloatfly in the Wasteland Creatures redone mod.

Now that we know how to update the visuals of the game world on console, it only makes sense to do the same for the creatures. Wasteland Creatures Redone is the best option available for that, retexturing all of the Commonwealth’s deadly denizens.

The Bloatfly pictured above is a great example of the depth added by the mod, and it’s an essential part of the wider tapestry of bringing the game’s visuals into the modern day.

Seasons: Winter

An image of winter in Fallout 4.

Whatever happened to Winter? At the very least players would have expected a nuclear winter at some point in the series. Unfortunately, the various developers are yet to deliver but there is a mod that can provide a fun blanket of snow.

Seasons: Winter is an impressive weather conversion mod that turns the Commonwealth into an impressive wonderland. The snow settles on the roofs of existing structures, as well as grass, paving slabs, and other floor textures. Variety is the spice of life and this mod brings that in spades.

Everyone’s Best Friend

An image of Dogmeat and a soldier in Fallout 4.

Dogmeat’s back! The beloved PC mod is now available on consoles, allowing players to bring their favorite canine pal on adventures alongside another human or robot companion. Not much more to say than that. It’s time to get Dogmeat out of their kennel again.

Settlement mods


An image of the OCDecorator mod.

This mod is an absolute must for those who enjoy building advanced settlements. Not only does it give you more freedom when placing items, but it also provides more items from the world of Fallout 4 to be added to your settlement.

It essentially removes many of the restrictions that were added in the base game, letting you go to town on your settlements, and building some special and creative camps for your settlers to defend.

All Settlements Extended

An image of the All Settlements Extended mod.

This mod extends the perimeter area of every settlement you have, allowing you to take advantage of more terrain. Having a wider settlement area not only gives you more space for your settlement to grow but also gives you new options when it comes to defense.

Settlements in Fallout 4 are constantly under attack, and it gets annoying. This mod gives you more space to set up defenses, meaning attacks from mutants are less likely to get close to anything valuable. Your settlers will also have more time to repel the attack, as invaders will be busy dealing with security turrets and robots.

A Better World – Cabin Workshop Pack

An image of a cabin in Fallout 4.

Bearing in mind the lack of resources available to those who live in the Commonwealth, it’s surprising how little they make use of the remaining wood sources in the world. The player character does not have to be one of those, however, and that’s where A Better World comes into play.

The mod makes structures available, from single block items designed to be clipped together like traditional housing kits to entire prebuilt cabins. For those looking to add a little Red Dead flavor to their apocalyptic experience, this is the mod for you.

Restoring the Castle

An image of Restoring the Castle mod Fallout 4.

The Castle has the potential to be one of the most impressive settlements in the entire game but making that a reality is tricky. Player structures are often stymied by the debris littered throughout and it can be a nightmare to navigate.

The Restoring the Castle mod introduces a fun questline that culminates in the restoration of the fort to its former glory. Couple this with an asset mod for the interiors and it will quickly become the best place to be.

Diamond City Mayor

An image of Diamond City in Fallout 4.

Diamond City is the greatest bastion of civilization in the entire Commonwealth, so it’s a little annoying that players can’t benevolently rule over it at some point in the base game. The Diamond City Mayor mod adds that functionality.

The citizens will address the player as mayor and full workshop control is unlocked, allowing buildings to be constructed all the way up in the bleachers. It also allows for some rearranging of the slightly chaotic layout of the existing city.

Sim Settlements 1 & 2

An image of the Sim Settlements mods.

Sim Settlements 1 & 2 are now also available on console and it brings every bit of realism that the PC version adds to the vanilla game. All of the features present in the PC mod are available here and it really is one of the most mechanically deep mods on offer to settlement builders.

Gameplay mods

Quick Hack and Pick

An image of Lockpicking in Fallout 4.

Those who play Fallout 4 on a console and aren’t interested in the game’s hacking and lock-picking mechanics should download this mod, as while these mini-games still exist even after downloading, they have been simplified and streamlined.

You’ll no longer get stuck on a certain lock or terminal in Fallout 4 and will be able to breeze past it. Those who’ve played Fallout 4 will know that some locks and terminals act as gateways to progression in certain quests. So this mod will help you access more content faster.

Companion Infinite Ammo

An image of the Companion Infinite Ammo mod logo.

There’s nothing more annoying in Fallout 4 than being in a heated firefight, only for your companion to run out of ammo. They’ll then scramble around the battlefield looking for it, putting themselves in harm’s way and generally becoming a nuisance. It’s also irritating to remember to keep your companion’s ammo supply stocked up constantly.

This mod eliminates both issues. All you’ll need to do is give your partner a gun, and they’ll be able to use it without endlessly searching for ammo. This is especially useful in survival mode when ammo is scarce and best saved for you as the player.

Take Cover

An image of a character taking cover using the Fallout 4 Take Cover mod.

On reflection, it does seem weird that a game with as much combat as Fallout 4 has no cover system. Obviously, it is possible to crouch behind things, but enemies have a funny knack for shooting the player anyway on higher difficulties.

Take Cover is a remarkably polished addition to the game that allows players to cower behind anything from walls to small roadblocks. The cover very much feels like a natural part of the game’s design that Bethesda simply forgot to activate and that’s testament to the mod’s developers.

Choose Your Own Perks

Choose your own Perks mod in Fallout 4.

Arguably one of the best Fallout 4 mods on console, this essentially allows you to test out any build you’d like before committing to it. The mod unlocks all perks from the start of the game, then lets you cherry-pick the ones you’d like to keep active. If you want, you can activate them all and enjoy every perk in a single playthrough.

That being said, there are likely to be some that don’t suit your gameplay style, make the game too easy, or simply don’t interest you. However, it’s fun to experiment with different perks and see what fun builds you can come up with. Having access to all perks in Fallout 4 is also something most players don’t get to experience.

True Storms

An image of the True Storms mod.

The original True Storms mod was actually built for Bethesda’s other flagship project, Skyrim, but it has now made its way over to Fallout. It features a holotape that allows players full control over an entirely remastered weather system.

There are far more weather options, including dust storms and heavy fog, many of which have a tangible effect on the game. It also has toggle-based Ghoul hordes and any mod that comes with that is worth adding to the arsenal.

Plenty o’ Exploration

Image from the Plenty Exploration mod.

One of the most frustrating things about Fallout 4 is the number of structures that are inaccessible, particularly in the center of Boston. Though this mod is no longer under active development, the sole mind behind it did an admirable job addressing that issue.

It’s a long way from opening up every building in the game but it’s nice to have multitudes of new interiors to enjoy as a longtime player.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch – UFO4P

Unofficial Fallout 4 patch artwork.

As compulsory as this mod is on PC, it may be even more so on console. Bethesda games are notorious for their bugs and the console versions of Fallout 4 are examples of that trend. UFO4P is the best mod to address the myriad bugs the base game suffers from.

Cheat Terminal

Image of the cheat terminal mod.

Last but not least for this section is the cheat terminal. Essentially it puts all of the options available to PC players via console commands onto the Pip-Boy. Whether you want more ammo, a new shiny gun, or just want to be invincible for a while, then this is the mod to go for.

Weapon and armor mods

The Attachment Pack

An image of The Attachment Pack bundle.

The scale of The Attachment Pack mod is genuinely impressive. It adds more than 400 weapon attachments to the game, ranging from the hyper-functional to the entirely aesthetic.

The range of sights in the base game is fairly limited, and there are players who choose the best of a bad bunch. That shouldn’t be an issue from here on out, with the mod boasting everything from ACOG sights to more accurate sniper scopes. It also updates Pipe Gun visuals, and is worth having just for that.

Vanilla Reanimation Project Bundle

An image of a character from the Vanilla Reanimation Project Bundle.

There are a lot of weapons in Fallout 4 and many of them have been reanimated in individual mods. The Project Bundle is available on the mod store for both consoles and handily packages up a lot of these reanimations in one place.

It adds a lot of variety and realism to the way guns are stowed and reloaded, allowing for immersion during combat that’s pretty unparalleled when used as part of a wider package.

NCR Veteran Ranger Armor

An image of NCR Veteran mod.

Unfortunately, the NCR Veteran Ranger armor mod is not available for PlayStation players due to some restrictions on custom assets. However, the mod is still worth its place here. Its simple purpose is to bring one of the most iconic outfits in franchise history into the most recent game.

Thanks to this perfectly realized rendition, players will no longer have to head to the Mojave to attain their own NCR armor. Instead, they can become the sole representative of the faction in the Commonwealth.

How to install Fallout 4 mods on PC

The best method for downloading mods to the PC version of the game is to use and its associated software, Vortex. The latter can be downloaded from the link here. Once that’s done, mods can be downloaded via the website by following the steps below:

  1. Find the mod you wish to download on the Nexus Mods website.
  2. Click the Manual Download button in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Launch the mod from your downloads folder, and Vortex should automatically launch.
  4. Wait for the mod to install and then launch the game via the play button on the game’s page in the Vortex launcher.
  5. This should launch Fallout 4 with the mods activated. If any are disabled by default, they can be activated via the in-game mod menu.

You should now be able to use the mods you downloaded when you start the game. Remember, you can also add mods from the site and select the Add to Library option.

How to install Fallout 4 mods on Xbox & PlayStation?

Bethesda is one of the few companies that make mods available to console players, and they’re also simple to use. To activate Fallout 4 mods on console, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the ‘Mods’ option on the main menu, this will then bring up a list of mods you can download.
  2. Download the mods you’d like to try.
  3.  Select and activate that mod once it has been downloaded.

Be aware, though, that Fallout 4 has a limited number of mods available on Xbox and PlayStation compared to PC. Some mods on consoles also don’t work well with others, so try not to use too many at once. If your game crashes or runs slowly when using a certain mod, try to avoid it in the future.

It’s important to remember that while the list of Fallout 4 mods on console has been approved by Bethesda, they are not the creators and are not responsible for what they do. Mods are created by the community, so are not always completely stable when used together.

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