Project New World codes (October 2022): How to get free XP, cash, & boosts in Roblox

Project New World promo codesHoly Developer Council / Roblox Corp.

If you’re wondering how you can go about redeeming codes in Project New World, we’ve got the latest information you need to know about for October 2022 right here.

Like most other game worlds in Roblox, Project New World features regular promo codes for players to use, each unlocking special rewards. However, these codes are released sporadically and often expire after a certain amount of time within the game.

Below, we’ve compiled a full list of Roblox Project New World codes, and what each individual code unlocks. While we’ve listed the current, active codes, we’ve also kept track of the expired codes – this way, you’ll know when one is no longer in use.

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Updated October 1, 2022, to confirm code validity.


Project New World artHoly Developer Council / Roblox Corp.
Project New World is a Roblox world.

Are there any active Project New World codes in October 2022?

While there are currently five working codes available in Project New World as of October 2022, according to the game’s main page, it is currently unable to be played due to upcoming content updates.

We’ll be sure to update you once the game opens up again and update the below list with any code changes as they occur.

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Code Reward
WowResetStats Free Boost
GROUPONLY 2x XP, Mastery & Money
NEXT@90KLIKES 2x XP, Stat Refund, Race Spin, 25K Cash
DOUBLEXP 2x XP (30 Minutes)
FreeRaceSpin Free Race Spin

How to redeem codes

In order to redeem codes in the game, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Launch the game and select the main menu in the bottom-left corner.
  • In that menu, select the Twitter bird icon to open a new window.
  • From here, you can enter a code into the text box that appears.
  • Finally, press Redeem to activate the code and claim your reward.

You should now get a notification showing you what has been unlocked by the code.

Project New World Codes charactersHoly Developer Council / Roblox Corp.
There are plenty of XP and boosts available in Project New World.

All expired Project New World codes

Below you’ll find all of the expired codes and what each unlocked:

Code Reward
30KLIKES  2x Money Boost, 2x XP Boost
FreeStatReset Free Stat Reset

What are codes used for in Project New World?

Codes in Project New World are used to get in-game resources that help make things a little easier. Some of the rewards include, experience points, money boosts, and stat resets, each allowing you to purchase more in-game items to customize your character.

While codes often expire after a while, it’s always worth still trying older codes. You never know when one may work and net you a free reward. Some players still report success with older codes, but the older the code, the more unlikely this is.

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That’s everything you need to know about redeeming codes in Project New World for October 2022!

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