Heroes World codes (May 2024): Free Spins

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Artwork from the Roblox experience, My Hero Mania

Use our list of active Roblox Heroes World codes (previously known as My Hero Mania) to get free Spins. Here are all the active My Hero Mania codes for May 2024.

Do you have what it takes to go beyond and give your ‘Plus Ultra’? Well, find it out with our latest Heroes World codes to get free Spins. In this Roblox experience based on My Hero Academia, there are many Quirks to wield and battle other players.

The game gives you a choice between being a Hero or a Villain. It’s up to you how you use your strengths against others.


Artwork from My Hero Mania
Redeem free Spins to attempt to roll that all-important Quirk in My Hero Mania.

My Hero Mania codes in Roblox (May 2024)

Below, we’ve listed all the codes you can currently use in Heroes World to redeem rewards, confirmed as of May, 2024.

The latest code to arrive, welcomeback, will reward players with free Spins upon claiming — so be sure to grab it fast!

We’ll update this list weekly with any new changes, as the game currently sits at over 499,000 likes on Roblox, and the developer has confirmed that a new code is set to arrive once the game hits 500,000 likes — so make sure to check back often to ensure you’re stocked up on all the latest free Spins!

  • ultra480k – 13 Spins
  • 470kplus – 13 Spins
  • epic460k – 13 Spins
  • 450kLIKES! – 13 Spins
  • the440k – 12 Spins
  • easter340k – Free Spins
  • 430kcode – 12 Spins
  • 420k – 12 Spins
  • 380kCODE! – 13 Spins
  • 370klikes – 1 Epic Spin
  • welcomeback – 5 Spins, 3 Rare Spins
  • almost500k – 14 spins

How to redeem Heroes World codes in Roblox

Redeeming codes in My Hero Mania only takes a few steps to complete:

  • Proceed to the official Heroes World page and click the large green button to launch the game.
  • If you’re a new player, you’ll have the opportunity to roll five times for a Quirk.
  • Once you’ve done that and are in-game, press ‘M‘ to bring up the Main Menu.
  • On the left of the menu, you’ll see ‘Enter code here!‘ – paste the above codes into this box.
  • If successful, your Free Spins will automatically be redeemed.
An image showing the enter code box to redeem free Spins in My Hero Mania
Enter your code into the box, and you’ll be well on your way to free Spins!

Full list of expired codes

Below, we’ve listed all the currently expired codes and the Spins they previously redeemed. As codes expire, they’ll then be moved here.

  • welcomeback – 5 Spins, 3 Rare Spins
  • almost500k – 14 spins
  • 360kgoal – 13 Spins
  • big300k – 5 Common Spins & 2 Rare Spins
  • season6 – 15 Spins
  • mhmchristmas22 – Free Spins
  • newyearsupdate23 – Free Spins
  • 240kCODE – 7 Spins
  • 260ktime – 8 Spins
  • 270kREAL – 9 Spins
  • 280kLIKES – 10 Spins
  • 310kLIKES – 11 Spins
  • 320kday – 11 Spins
  • big300k – 7 Spins
  • turkey22 – 10 Spins, 1 Rare Spin & 1 Epic Spin
  • thank290k – 10 Spins
  • the100k – Free Rewards
  • newupdate! – Free Rewards
  • zi170k – Free Rewards
  • 110kcodeyay – Free Rewards
  • plus120k! – Free Rewards
  • big130k – Free Rewards
  • ultra140k – Free Rewards
  • letsgo150k – Free Rewards
  • 160ktux – Free Rewards
  • FirstCode! – Free Rewards
  • goal200k – Free Rewards
  • thank220k – 5 Spins
  • theultra190k – 5 Spins
  • spinner180k – 5 Spins
  • thank350k – 13 Spins

What are My Hero Mania codes used for in Roblox?

Codes come in handy when you run out of resources or spins. These codes are crucial to use, as the free Spins provided allow you to save your Robux or in-game cash to try and claim that Quirk you’re looking for. The developers usually release new codes during events or when the game hits a new milestone. However, you can check back weekly for any new updates. Once the game reaches 500,000 likes, a new code will be released.

So, there you have everything you need to know about My Hero Mania codes in Roblox for May 2024.

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