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AFK Arena Codes June 2021: how to redeem, rewards, more

Published: 3/Jun/2021 17:07 Updated: 3/Jun/2021 17:09

by Nick Farrell


AFK Arena, the high-flying mobile title has hit another month of play, which means that a new set of codes have been released to use.

AFK Arena has fast become one of the standout titles in mobile gaming, and the table-top RPG has been enjoying rampant success.

Every month Lilith Games implements new codes for players to redeem in-game, these codes are vital as they grant the player exclusive rewards to help progress their play. With the month of May just turning the corner, we have gathered everything you need for this month.


new afk arena codes june 2021
Lilith Games
Have you tried AFK Arena yet?

What are AFK Arena codes used for?

Similar to codes used in other titles, the ones released for AFK Arena are redeemable codes that developer Lilith Games releases at the beginning of every month. These codes are useful for players as they grant access to resources such as diamonds, gold, heroes essence, heroes scrolls, and soulstones.


Since these codes are made public each month, players should take advantage of these while they have the chance, as they can go a long way in helping you progress through your journey in AFK Arena.

When do June’s AFK Arena codes expire?

Typically, Lilith Games releases new codes at the tail-end of each month, which means many of them will expire around the same time. From there, players will have around 25-30 days to redeem codes for a given month.

AFK Arena codes
Lilith Games
Be sure to redeem June’s codes before they expire.

How to redeem AFK Arena codes

The process of redeeming your AFK Arena codes is quite simple, and it only takes a few steps. We’ll run over this process down below.


  • Proceed to AFK Arena’s redemption website, which can be found here.
  • Once there, login into your AFK Arena account, which is designated by your ‘UID‘, which can be found within the game at the top left of your screen.
  • You’ll then need to verify the account is yours. From here, a code will be sent to your in-game Mailbox.
  • Enter the code listed in the mail sent to you over on the website.
  • Go ahead and redeem the list of codes below!

Full list of active AFK Arena codes, June 2021

All of these are currently active within the game, granting significant rewards.

Here are all the active codes for AFK Arena for the month of June. These have been tested in-app, and are confirmed to be working as of June 3, 2021.

Code Reward
101nc107h 100 Diamonds / 100,000 Gold
311j4hw00d 100 Diamonds / 100,000 Gold
afk888 300 Diamonds / 100 Hero’s Essence / 20,000 Gold
Badlijey666 100 Diamonds / 100,000 Gold
Ch3atc0de 100 Diamonds / 100,000 Gold
d14m0nd5 100 Diamonds / 100,000 Gold
misevj66yi 5 Common Hero Scrolls / 500 Diamonds / 60 Rare Hero Soulstones
PrinceOfPersia 500 Diamonds / 500 Hero’s Essence / 500,000 Gold
xmasl00t 100 Diamonds / 100,000 Gold
uf4shqjngq 30 Common Hero Scrolls
xiaban886 500 Diamonds / 5x Large Crate of Hero EXP / 5x Large Crate of Gold EXP / 5x Large Crate of Hero’s EXP

Full list of AFK Arena expired codes

afk arena expired codes June
Lilith Games
AFK Arena is a gacha-style game, which means opening lots of boxes.

Below is a list of all expired codes within AFK Arena:

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Code Reward
25PG5GNPCF ???
26DNUIW8S4 ???
2N7GEK6RTC ???
2NZZY8Y67V ???
3BAEE6V3V7 ???
4rytg4u2q6 ???
576W235SUW ???
57KH69FHZR ???
6u226crhtp ???
76SHWCV6E4 ???
7k8n2s9bnx ???
7r3bbdqth2 ???
8e27shfk6b ???
8vws9uf6f5 3,000 Diamonds / 30 Faction Scrolls
9qgzux8k82 ???
aaz27uvgfi 3,000 Diamonds / 40 Hero Scrolls
afkmarkiplier ???
am2fc6hqmj 300 Diamonds / 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
bestrpg4busyu ???
ck4kjutz6k 300 Diamonds / 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
invincible ???
LIUYAN118 ???
LIUYAN233 ???
LIUYAN888 ???
overlord666 ???
persona5 500 Diamonds / 500 Hero’s Essence / 500,000 Gold

So, there you have it. All you need to know about AFK Arena’s codes for June, 2021.

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