Ultimate Tower Defense Codes (June 2022): How to get free Gold, Gems, & Towers in Roblox

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Ultimate Tower Defense codes
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Ultimate Tower Defense codes in Roblox let you unlock free rewards such as Gold, Gems, and Towers. Here are all the current promo codes in Ultimate Tower Defense.

Using Ultimate Tower Defense codes in Roblox is a great way to enhance your experience. Each code unlocks resources that can be used to customize and strengthen your character, making the game much easier. The rewards unlocked by each code are also free, so we’d recommend every player try these promo codes in the game.

In typical Roblox fashion, many of these codes expire after a set amount of time, but the good news is that new Ultimate Tower Defense codes are being created regularly. Below, we’ve gathered all the currently active promo codes, and a list of the expired ones to help you keep track.

Updated June 2, 2022, to confirm code validity.


Ultimate Tower Defense codes Levi AOT
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Ultimate Tower Defense lets you play as classic Attack on Titan characters in one crossover.

Ultimate Tower Defense promo codes in June 2022

New promo codes for Ultimate Tower Defense are activated all the time. As new ones are released, we’ll update you accordingly right here.

As of May 2022, here are all the currently active Ultimate Tower Defense codes:

Code Reward
Easter2022 250 Gems
600MillionVisits 100 Gems
300KLikes 5000 Gold
MillionMembers 500 Gems
310KLikes 5000 Gold
320KLikes 5000 Gold
StayGreen2022 200 Gems

How to redeem promo codes in Ultimate Tower Defense

In order to redeem the above codes, you’ll need to ensure that you follow this list of short steps:

  1. Log into Ultimate Tower Defense in Roblox by pressing the green launch button.
  2. Open the shop menu in ‘Settings’.
  3. Select the ‘Redeem Code’ option.
  4. Type in your desired code.
  5. Press ‘Redeem’ to activate the code.

That’s it — you should now be able to use your free content in-game whenever you’d like.

Ultimate Tower Defense titans
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The Attack on Titan event made Ultimate Tower Defense very popular.

All expired promo codes

Below, you’ll find all of the expired promo codes and what they were used for:

Code Reward
NewYears2022 220 Gems
 290KLikes 5000 Gold
 Christmas2021 200 Gems
280KLikes 5000 Gold
Maja 75 Gold
Betero Betero Tower
Blueio Blueio Tower
Bren0RJ7 Bren0RJ7 Tower
Gravy GravyCatMan Tower
Inemajohn InemaJohn Tower
MerryChristmas Christmas Spidey Tower
Sub2PlanetMilo Plantet_Milo Tower
Russo Russo Tower
SnowRBX SnowRBX Tower
Tofuu Tofuu Tower
Veyar Veyar Tower
MrFlimmyFlammy Albert/Flamingo Tower
500MillionVisits 500 Gems
270KLikes 5000 Gold
260KLikes 5000 Gold
250KLikes 5000 Gold
240KLikes  5000 Gold

What are promo codes used for in Ultimate Tower Defense?

Promo codes exist in most Roblox worlds, but in Ultimate Tower Defense, they are used to unlock rewards such as Gems, Gold, and Towers.

Gems and Gold are used as experience points and in-game currency, but Towers are special one-off events that allow players the opportunity to chase down even more lovely loot.

That’s everything you need to get free Gold, Gems, and Towers in Ultimate Tower Defense in June 2022!

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