Roblox GPO codes (May 2023): Free rerolls, stat resets & Devil Fruit in Grand Piece Online

Artwork from Grand Piece Online, also known as GPO in RobloxGrand Quest Games

GPO codes in Roblox’s Grand Piece Online are essential for redeeming free rerolls, stat resets, and locating that all-important Devil Fruit. Below, we’ve got all of the latest information on whether there are any active Grand Piece Online codes for May 2023 and how to redeem them to aid your journey across the high seas.

Players in the Roblox-based Grand Piece Online have been able to redeem different types of codes throughout the game’s history, with each granting fantastic rewards that help to make time spent in the game much more efficient.

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Developed by Grand Quest Games, players can sail the First and Second Seas, take down Sea Kings for epic rewards, and battle other players. On the way, Devil Fruits can be found, granting a variety of different powers, with GPO codes being an integral part of helping that process while building your character.

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Updated April 28, 2023, to confirm GPO code validity. No codes have arrived so far this month.


Artwork from Grand Piece OnlineGrand Quest Games
Takedown PvP and PvE enemies in Grand Piece Online.

Are there any active GPO codes in Roblox (May 2023)?

As of April 28, 2023, there are currently no active GPO codes to redeem in Grand Piece Online. Previously, a code was available to claim that redeemed 18 free race rerolls, but this has since been marked as expired. Additionally, it has been quite a while since either a code has been released or even the game’s been updated on Roblox.

We’ll be sure to update the below table as soon as more are made available, however, so be sure to check back for weekly updates.

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Code Items

How to redeem Grand Piece Online codes in Roblox

Redeeming codes in GPO is incredibly easy to do, and it only takes a couple of steps:

  1. Proceed to the official Grand Piece Online page and click the large green button to launch the game.
  2. Once in-game, you’ll need to select ‘Set Sail‘.
  3. Next, press ‘M‘ on your keyboard to open up the main menu.
  4. Once the menu appears, you’ll need to click the Cogwheel icon to bring up Settings.
  5. Copy and paste the above codes into the box that says ‘ENTER CODE‘.
  6. Press ‘Enter‘ and, if successful, your code will redeem automatically.
Artwork from Grand Piece Online in RobloxGrand Quest Games
Redeeming these codes in GPO allows you to start fresh or give yourself a boost.

Full list of Grand Piece Online expired codes

Below is a list of all the currently expired codes in Grand Piece Online, along with the rewards they previously redeemed:

Code Items
770KLIKES18XRACEREROLLS 18x Race Rerolls
SorryAboutYourQuests Lucky Arrow
720KLIKES32XRACEREROLL 32x Race rerolls
phogiving 24-hour Devil Fruit notifier
SUB2VZNITY Devil Fruit reset
SUB2THIEFDAYZ 2x Drop Rate (15 minutes)
SUB2LAMA 2x Drop Rate (10 minutes)
Sub2HunterGodSlayer Stat reset
SUB2SCIGPO Devil Fruit reset
Havocthe3rdXTester Stat reset
GPOZachMemes Stat reset
GOROFLIGHT 2x Drop Rate (15 minutes)
FREE2XEXPFROMTEABAQ1YT 2x Drop Rate (10 minutes)
2Y8ZTHEGOAT Stat reset
535KLIKES16XRACEREROLL 16x Race rerolls
470K14XRACEREROLLS 14x Race rerolls
FREE1HOUR2XDROPRATE 2x Drop Rate (1 hour)
FREEDFRESET Devil Fruit reset
435K8XRACEREROLLS 8x Race rerolls
100KSUB2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
115KSUBSPRESET Stat reset
120KSUBS2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
125KSUBSDFRESET Devil Fruit reset
130KSUBSSPRESET Stat reset
16RACEREROLLS 16x Race rerolls
285K2XRACEREROLL 2x Race rerolls
290KLIKESDFRESET Devil Fruit reset
305KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
320KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
325KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
335KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
340K2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
345K2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
350K2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
355K2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
360K2XRACEREROLLS 2x Race rerolls
CHRISTMASDFNOTIFIER 240m Devil Fruit notifier
DAHNOOBDFRESET Devil Fruit reset
SPRESET1 Stat reset
SPRESET2 Stat reset
SPRESET3 Stat reset
SPRESET4 Stat reset

What are GPO codes used for in Roblox?

As shown in the tables above, GPO Online codes are essential for players as they provide free Race rerolls, Stat resets, and allow you to locate those all-important Devil Fruits a little bit easier.

New codes are occasionally added, and they can go a very long way in making your experience that much smoother.

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Where can I get more GPO codes?

Codes in GPO tend not to be released over a consistent schedule, so your best bet for keeping up with the latest releases is to use our tables listed above. Alternatively, you can head over to the game’s Discord server, where you’ll find all of the latest information about Grand Piece Online.

Developer Grand Quest Games also has a Twitter page, but details regarding new codes shared there tend to be few and far between.

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So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Grand Piece Online codes in Roblox for May 2023.

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