All new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet including starters and Legendaries

An image of Smoliv and Pawmi with the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet logoThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will officially kick off Gen 9 when they’re released on Switch this year, and that means a whole bunch of new Pokemon to catch including Legendaries and three new starters.

Game Freak is quickly following up on the huge success of spin-off game Legends Arceus with the long-awaited ninth-generation titles, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The games will officially launch worldwide on November 18, 2022.

As with any new generation of Pokemon games, there will be a fresh Pokedex to discover. From adorable early-game creatures like Smoliv and Lechonk to Legendaries like Koraidon and Miraidon, there’s something for every trainer.

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Here’s our up-to-date list of every new Pokemon confirmed for Scarlet & Violet so far.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet battle with Lucario & Hisuian Zoroark screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Scarlet & Violet will also feature Pokemon from previous generations.

All new Pokemon confirmed for Scarlet & Violet so far

Pokemon Type Ability
Sprigatito Spigatito Grass Overgrow
Fuecoco Fuecoco Fire Blaze
Quaxly Quaxly Water Torrent
Lechonk Lechonk Normal Aroma Veil / Gluttony
Smoliv Smoliv Grass/Normal Early Bird
Pawmi Pawmi in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Electric Static / Natural Cure
Cetitan Cetitan Ice Thick Fat / Slush Rush
Paldean Wooper Paldean Wooper Poison/Ground Poison Point / Water Absorb
Fidough Fidough in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fairy Own Tempo
Grafaiai Grafaiai Poison/Normal Unburden / Poison Touch
Cyclizar cyclizar pokemon Dragon/Normal Shed Skin
Klawf Klawf Rock Anger Shell / Shell Armor
Armarouge Armarouge Fire/Psychic Flash Fire
Ceruledge Ceruledge Fire/Ghost Flash Fire
Wiglett Wiglett in pokemon Water Gooey / Rattled
Farigiraf Farigiraf Normal/Psychic Cud Chew / Armor Tail
Bellibolt Bellibolt Electric Electromorphosis / Static
Greavard Greavard Ghost Pickup
Gimmighoul Gimmighoul Ghost Rattled
Koraidon Koraidon ??? ???
Miraidon Miraidon ??? ???

Those are all of the new Gen 9 Pokemon that have been officially announced so far. We’ll keep this page updated when more Pokemon are revealed, so check back soon!

If you’re wondering which classic Pokemon are returning in Scarlet & Violet, check out our Paldean Pokedex guide. We’ve also rounded up details of all of the new Legendaries and Paldean forms.

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